Photos by Emma McAlary and Katalina Mayorga 

Have you heard of the "secret" taco spot in Washington DC? 


Look for the Habanero plant resting on the windowsill and next to the leaky AC unit. Wait for the waiter to poke his head out and throw down the key. 

The taqueria is a small apartment filled with statues of la Virgin de Guadalupe, cheap perfume bottles, and a television steadily streaming soccer and telanovelas

The menu includes no prices, pig head tacos, mole tamales, squash blossom quesadillas, cow feet tostadas, fried pork tacos, and cactus everything. Cactus is the new kale. Choose from fresh tamarindo and/or cucumber lemon juices or a classic horchata

We would tell you the location, but part of the experience is figuring it out. 

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