This week on our blog our team + guest contributor for the month Nikki Brand shares with us what discovery looks like when they travel around the world. 

Nikki Brand is the Art Director of Maderas Village, a boutique hotel, we will be staying at during our trip to Nicaragua in November. 

After studying and working in the creative industry in South Africa for a number of years, Nikki left her home country in 2012 via sail boat to wander indefinitely. Arriving first in the Caribbean, her travels took her around the Caribbean & the USA, working on yachts, surf road tripping around California and continuing to freelance in the design, web and photography fields. 

At the end of 2013, Nikki arrived at Maderas Village, Nicaragua for a two week surf stay-cation. While still freelancing, she now lives and works at Maderas Village and hasn't strayed far from the surfers' paradise since coincidence & good fortune has now made her the Art Director & Director of Social Media for Maderas Village, Maderas Collective & Maderas Records.

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