What to do in Colombia? Where to travel in Colombia? We got your back boo. We figured out the best of the best so you could just focus on the journey with your new crew of travel buds. This is the exact Colombia travel experience we would want if we were traveling to the country for the first time.

Read on..... 

Colombia itinerary day 1: street food tour Cartagena

ARRIVE: To Cartagena - on the Caribbean side of Colombia

ROAM: The cobblestone streets of the historic town

TASTE: Fresh maracuya, guanabana + other exotic fruits

Meals included: Dinner

Colombia itinerary day 2: swimming

ADVENTURE: Take a boat to a small island in the middle of the ocean for an all day island adventure

DEVOUR: The freshest and largest lobster this side of the equator. No bib necessary!

DANCE: In an open air “chiva” party bus tour of the city

Meals included: Breakfast + Lunch + Drinks

Colombia itinerary day 3: street food tour cartagena

SAVOR: The street food during a unique food tour in Cartagena

SOAK: In a mud bath in a local volcano of El Totumo

FREE: Night to explore Cartagena on your own

Meals included: Breakfast + Snacks from street tour

Colombia itinerary day 4: responsible and sustainable travel

LEARN: To dance to the beats of the Afro-Colombian culture

NOM: Next door at a bohemian cafe

INSPIRE: Meet local social entrepreneurs and gain insight into their hustle through collaborative partnership

Meals included: Breakfast + Lunch

Colombia itinerary day 5: tour of Medellin

GO: Fly from Cartagena (flight cost included)

TASTE: A traditional Paisa (people of Medellin) dish

R+R: Free time! Rest up for another few days of adventure

Meals included: Breakfast + Lunch

Colombia itinerary day 6: Medellin

BREATHE: The scent of fresh cut Colombian flowers as we venture to a traditional flower farm in the town of Santa Elena

WANDER: The transformed streets of Medellin as we hear the story of how it became a socially progressive city

Meals included: Breakfast + Lunch

Colombia itinerary day 7: private villa for the day

NAVIGATE: The lake district of Guatape by boat + relax in a private residence in the hills (Breathtaking views included)

Meals included: Breakfast + Lunch

Colombia itinerary day 8: tour of a coffee farm

INHALE: The aromas of the coffee farm at Zona Cafetera while learning to roast your own beans

ENJOY: An evening off and explore Medellin on your own

Meals included: Breakfast + Lunch

Colombia itinerary day 9: Medellin tour

ROAM: The streets of Medellin and soak in the last bits of the city

CELEBRATE: The culinary magic at Medellin’s fine dining restaurant with your fellow travelers

Meals included: Breakfast + Dinner

Colombia itinerary day 10: fly out of Colombia

DRIVE: To Medellin International Airport

RETURN: Home creatively inspired and rejuvenated

Meals included: Breakfast