Escape to the Colombian coastal jungle with the founder and CEO of El Camino Travel and a group photographer....




Hi travelers! Katalina here. This is a SUPER scrappy video/mashup of my Instagram stories during my time in the Sierra de Nevada of Colombia. We know it is not the "highest quality," but we wanted to give you a more intimate perspective of the location of the retreat. It truly is magical and I have never been anywhere like it. The spiritual and healing energy is palpable. xx, Katalina



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Who Is This Retreat For? 

This retreat is for the entrepreneur in the first three years of their business or in the midst of doing a complete creative revamp of their brand. It is for the entrepreneur constantly thinking outside of the box, likes to push their creative limits, knows how to be scrappy and resourceful, and loves a good collaboration. 

Participants will leave this retreat with the following...

  • Clearer business vision and mission statement 
  • Stronger understanding of their customer experience 
  • Clearly be able to articulate their value proposition to others 
  • Stronger understanding of the basics to seeking investment 
  • Actionable next steps to grow their business 
  • Continuous feedback and mentorship throughout the retreat from Katalina 
  • Community of likeminded entrepreneurs 

There is more. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and it can get tough. We get that and we have been there. Hell, we definitely still have our moments. What has gotten us through those tough moments is our own community of entrepreneur bffs.  We want our participants to have that same type of support network. By bringing together like minded entrepreneurs who are thinking outside of the box with their businesses, we aim to create an ongoing support network and sounding board with all those that are part of the retreat. We expect participants to be an active source of feedback for others during the retreat. 

The retreat will be a mix of intensive workshops with wellness and adventure mixed in. We are all about that work hard, play hard life. 

Activities include....

  • Yoga each morning
  • Inner tubing down a STUNNING jungle river 
  • Hiking to and swimming at a scared watering hole 

You can also sign up to get several therapeutic massages for around $35 the hour. Yes, this place is truly paradise. 

Katalina's Professional Background

Before launching El Camino Travel, Katalina had her own consulting business helping organizations and social enterprises leverage innovative processes to scale their businesses and ensure that these processes led to tangible results and meaningful outcomes. In short, she has direct experience in running a successful business of her own AND helping others in doing the same. In fact, the idea for El Camino Travel came about during one of these consulting gigs in Guatemala (read the full story here). She is excited to combine two of her passions-- facilitation + travel-- to create this unique startup retreat in the middle of paradise. 

Read what others have said about working with her below...

"Katalina is a self-motivated collaborative team player possessing a keen ability to bring an alternative and innovative perspective in developing creative solutions for complex challenges. She has a fun and entrepreneurial spirit, is passionate about her work and steadfastly committed to her colleagues and supporting positive social impact. I first partnered with Katalina on providing technical assistance for a series of interactive workshops with city officials responsible for public space creation in Mexico City. The goal of the initiative was to train participants on the values and tools of community driven design and resulted in widespread adoption of the practice across municipal sectors. Her deep knowledge of Human Centered Design skills and her ability to employ them to great effect in facilitating training sessions were a significant component of the project´s successful implementation. For anyone who would like to like to make a difference in the world and enjoy the process while doing so, I recommend working with Katalina." -- T. Luke Young

"Katalina is prepared, empathetic and creative. She focuses on clients and their needs, applying design thinking and related tools to international development issues. As a trainer, she is concrete and engaging." -- Mitsi Sellers

"Katalina is a creative, passionate go-getter. Time and again I've been impressed by her drive to start and build something, and by her ability to see it through. Katalina also manages to strike the delicate balance between listening, observation, and bringing a fresh perspective to her work." -- Cameron Peake

You can see her full Linkedin Profile and read several recommendations from others here

Want more background information? Check out business related articles she has written here including, "So You Want To Start A Travel Company....Or Any Company?

Location + Accommodations

During the retreat we will be staying at the stunning Gitana del Mar Boutique Beach Resort. Gitana is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea in Colombia, South America. The resort lies at the foothills of the impressive and magical Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the world’s highest Coastal Mountain Range. This area is referred to as the heart of the world, not only because of it’s geographical location, but more importantly because every single ecosystem exists and thrives in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Gitana del Mar is a relaxing world where time moves slowly and you can reflect and appreciate all that life and nature have to give. Feel the raw energy of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Discover peace on empty, white sand beaches. Rise with the sun over the Caribbean and fall asleep counting falling stars in the Milky Way.

In this spectacular setting, Gitana del Mar Boutique Beach Resort will host our group in their Eco-Chic bungalows. All rooms will be shared with one other person of the same gender. 

Enjoy fresh, healthy meals, exotic fruit juices, and local shrimp and fish such as, Pargo Rojo (Red Snapper), Dorado (Mahi Mahi) and Robalo (Snook). Relax and enjoy massages in their beachfront spa as well as other holistic treatments available upon request. Yoga classes or wellness sessions will be held in the beautiful Yoga Shala overlooking the Caribbean Sea. 

Pricing & Payment

The retreat is $2199 per person during early sign up. After early sign up, the price increases to $2399 per person. To guarantee your reservation, you can pay your deposit HERE. A 40% deposit is due at the time of booking. Final payment is due no later than 25 days prior to departure. Payments must be made by credit card. Please read our FAQ for more information and our BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


All educational and creative sessions mentioned above//One hour mentorship and check in session with Katalina a month after the retreat ends//Shared Hotel Room// 5 Yoga Sessions// All meals//Activities as mentioned above//Tips for drivers, activity hosts, and hotel staff//Group Photographer// 20 Edited images a day of the group + an additional batch of images 3 weeks after the trip ends/

Note On The Photography Component: We provide a group photographer so that our travelers can go back to being present in the moment rather than worrying about capturing the moment. They are the photographer for the whole group and not a personal photographer to each individual traveler. We provide our travelers with dynamic and candid images throughout the trip so that they can share with their friends and family in real time. While this is an important element that adds to the unique experience of our trips, it is not the focus of our trip. Our travelers are excited about receiving stunning images each morning, but the act of travel and indulging in the moment is what they value most. 

Not Included

Airfare in and out of the country// Transport to and from the hotel*//Mandatory Travel Insurance //Incidental Expenses// Alcohol except where noted//Tips for photographer

*We are not including transport because there are several ways to get to the resort from various cities throughout Colombia. Some may choose to fly into Bogota and grab a direct flight to Santa Marta or others may fly into Cartagena and take a convenient van direct to the hotel. Because of the variables it makes it much easier to help coordinate individually. We will help to coordinate transportation once a deposit is made. 


Yah, we are clearly obsessed. :)