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Katalina is the CEO and founder of El Camino Travel.  Katalina started her career as a union organizer based in Washington DC where she got to know the other side of the Anacostia River that is often ignored. She then went on to support rural electrification projects around the world including Southern Sudan, Guatemala, Bolivia, and other countries. For awhile, she oversaw climate change programs funded by the Department of State which took her to Colombia then to Brazil and back to Colombia.

She got sucked in the entrepreneurial hustle a few years ago when she launched an independent consulting business centered on social innovation and international development rooted in her commitment to making the world a better place. While consulting she had the opportunity to work with hustlers in countries like Haiti and Uganda as well as multilateral international institutions like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Inter-American Development Bank, and American Planning Association. Her diverse international experience is key to how she has approached the growth of El Camino Travel. 

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Emma has recently joined our community as El Camino’s Travel Coordinator.

She grew up in the northeast, attended college in the southwest and went along willingly as life prescribed her most recent move to DC. A lover of all things expressive, Emma seeks to discover everything in life that makes her soul smile. She’s happiest when she feels the sun against her skin as she treads ocean waves and feels most peaceful when she’s hanging upside down.

You can likely find Emma in half-pigeon, at brunch as her menacing alias “The Brunch Monkey”, or traversing somewhere along the east coast where she's known to take long drives to clear her mind.




Brenna enjoys dancing her way through life! From the cold of the midwest, to the heat of the south, she cherishes every beat along the way. Brenna has been living in Granada, Nicaragua for over a year but she loves exploring! You can find her spending time with friends, in the water or smiling her way through an everyday adventure. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati, Brenna moved to Nicaragua to advocate health education.  Along the way, she found a new passion for organizing social events for travelers and a love of pineapples! Work experience in social projects, restaurants and with groups has allowed her to understand Nicaraguan culture have given her a full spectrum of opportunities. El Camino became the ideal combination between work, play and give back for Brenna. She is excited to continue to grow as she meets new awesome people! Follow her everyday adventures on Instagram @bstout37.




Alina Tsvor is a commercial, portrait, and travel photographer currently based out of Chicago. 

She grew up in Eastern Europe, got her primary education on the East Coast, and it was her love for architecture that led her to Chicago to study at Columbia College where she got her degree in commercial photography and art management. 

While mainly known for her moody portraits and storytelling, her work is inspired a lot by the urban environment she is in and architecture.

The last few years her career took a turn to mainly working with huge national clients like LG and Adidas on social media content and campaigns. When she is not working on campaigns she travels and finds inspiration all over the world, photographs models and expands on her ideas, and drinks too much coffee in coffee shops all over Chicago and the world.

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Amanda Villarosa is a photo editor at Rent The Runway. She is native to Southern California, but is currently waking up and falling asleep in NYC. Most would say that she’s the product of hardworking immigrant parents who double as karaoke enthusiasts and passionate foodies. And she would describe herself as a typical West Coast girl who hates the winter and whose music taste is stuck in the 90's. She obsesses over avocados, wildlife conservation (in a serious way), and reading menus of new restaurants she hasn’t tried yet (also in a serious way). Travel and photography are two of her biggest passions, and she always hopes that her experiences inspire others to indulge in their own curiosities. You can see her work here.


Emma inherited her love for taking photographs from her father, a journalist, and grandfather, a graphics artist, and considers the art to be in her blood. She strayed away from her first love to pursue a career in law and conflict resolution, but soon felt the desire to pursue photography full time and fell back into the arms of her loving cameras.  Along the journey she picked up her second love of travel. 

Most of the time you can find her around the Washington D.C. metropolitan area snapping fashion, editorial and lifestyle shots for various clients. Her insatiable wanderlust and need for adventure often takes her out of the area, but when she is not shooting photos or traveling you can find her reading voraciously and watching an endless amount of crime drama. She loves the mountains and all things Scandinavia. She is fascinated by the human form and loves to chat while shooting portraits. 

You can check out her work at Find her and tell her your stories! She’d love to listen (and take your picture!) 


Erinn’s passion for exploring started in a Midwestern cornfield and developed into a way of life upon studying in Paris in 2013. Since then, she has spent the past three years traveling and working between the US and Europe as a graphic designer, photographer and videographer in the fashion industry while focusing her own work on the connection between people and place. A graduate of Parsons, The New School for Design, her multidisciplinary design background allows her to experience new environments and work with a diverse set of clients including The New York Times, Sephora, BCBG Max Azria Group, Bureau Betak, Baron&Baron, and VICE Media, to name a few. 

When she’s not in the wide world of ‘elsewhere' or running through the streets of Brooklyn, Erinn is most likely barefoot, perched in a tree, and/or drenching a homemade concoction in marinara sauce. 

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John Philp is a Chicago-based lifestyle and travel photographer. Born & raised in Texas, he’s called Chicago home for the past several years, His photography focuses on individuals interacting within their environment and is inspired by color, form and playfulness with an eye for composition. 

He's learned that the best ways to grow as both a human and as a photographer is to constantly expose himself to new people, foreign places and comically uncomfortable situations. When he’s not traveling he enjoys cooking or a live music show with a gin & tonic in hand. He's happy with a sizable to-do list equipped with a good ball point pen.

Some of John’s clients include Grey Goose, American Express, TOMS, Pizza Hut, Nike, GQ, Uber and Veuve Clicquot. 

See his work here ( and his blog here ( 



It's a simple story really. 

California-raised, Los Angeles inhabitant whose life became consumed with capturing LIFE and JOY. 

Sabrina is known for herslice of life imagery and her talent for capturing "real people" and those in-between moments . Her emotional and candid images reveal much about her subjects as she captures authentic whimsy, playfulness, joy and introspection.

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Valeria Duque is a Colombian photographer whom currently lives in Medellín, Colombia. She’s a big fan of nature and everything related to it, especially natural beauty and natural light.

She works as a freelance fashion and catalogue photographer and on the weekends she devotes herself to shooting weddings with an editorial style all over Colombia or wherever there's a couple in love willing to be photographed.

She loves fashion, traveling, her cat Frida, and reading whatever comes across her curious mind.

She's the founder and editor of the Colombian bridal inspiration blog El Ajuar ( and owner of  Valeria Duque Fotografía (, a 4 person team that is inspired by all things love




Jennifer Young is a lifestyle and portrait photographer fond of human connection, the art of every day, juxtaposition, new places, people, and finding beauty in the simple. Her love for photography started at a young age when she discovered she enjoyed telling stories through captured moments and conveying emotions without words. Although passionate about photography from a young age, it wasn't until her late 20's that her passion grew into a career. 

As a recent transplant from a small coastal town in California to Brooklyn, NY, Jennifer can most often be found seeking and gathering inspiration in the Big City, creating art from what she sees, and sharing photographic stories about the people she meets.

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Kate is an editorial portrait and documentary photographer based in Washington, DC. Aside from crazy commissions from national advertising and editorial clients, she covers society for The Washington Post and is the house photographer for the Corcoran Gallery of Art and College of Art + Design, the Embassy of Ecuador and Creative Mornings DC. Her love of people and style means that those two elements weasel their way into her work and is interested in capturing life's little joys to build narratives around creative cultures. 

Kate was named one of Refinery29's 30 Under 30, Arena Stage's Top 25 Creative Innovators, and a finalist for Fashion Group International's Rising Star award in photography. She teaches workshops on photography, building a meaningful social media voice, female entrepreneurship, and storytelling for institutions like Georgetown University and sits on the Smithsonian Associates Advisory Committee. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, traveling, and adventuring. 

You can see more of her work at



Shelby Duncan is a photographer specializing in portraits, lifestyle and travel. Capturing a youthful energy, with spontaneity and genuine emotion she is inspired by anything that evokes the thirst to feel it, dance with it, and experience the authentic connection with her subjects. 

Based in Los Angeles, Shelby wants to tell the visceral story of living a passionate life within her commercial and editorial work. She has worked with Apartamento, Elle, Lucky, Mercedes-Benz, MOCA, New York Times, Nylon, Rolling Stone, Warner Bros. and many more. 

Shelby also leads a photography workshop with a The Coalition of Engaged Education, a non-profit school devoted to connecting drops-outs, foster, and incarcerated youth with educational opportunities.

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To put it simply, photography makes Jodee Debes happy. She specializes in wedding, lifestyle and travel photography with an emphasis on real emotion, vibrant colors and wild adventure. She loves a good candid and capturing fleeting moments that you can hold onto through each image. 

Her love for photography is equally as great as her love for people, and she takes pride in making real connections with her clients to make everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera in order to bring out their unique personalities and accurately tell their dynamic stories.

Raised in Texas, Jodee currently resides in Southern California, and is sought after to photograph worldwide.  Travel, remarkable people, love, gorgeous light and new memories on the horizon keep her constantly inspired and on the hunt to capture her next photo. 

Jodee Debes has been published in several major sources including The Huffington Post, People Magazine, Style Me Pretty and The Knot to name a few. She has also appeared on the television show “Marry Me Today”.



Lauren grew up in Eastern Washington and while she now lives in Seattle, her fascination for the rural and love for vast, natural places has only grown- and heavily contributes to her passion for photography.

During college she dove headfirst into film and darkroom practices, and while commercial product work with Nordstrom and Nike has led her to embrace the digital world, her film cameras are always waiting in the wings.

Lauren shoots so she doesn’t forget, and finds joy in paying attention to what the light is doing in her environment. She is always planning another trip, loves fashion, and is happiest when she gets to introduce friends to new things that get them stoked!

When she isn’t in the studio, you can find her camping in a behemoth of a van on the Olympic (or the Baja) Peninsula, or practicing her Spanish with Duolingo. 

Check out her work and connect at 



Taylor is a lifestyle and wedding photographer. She is fueled by people, their creativity, their love and candid moments. She is inspired by where she lives, early mornings, new yoga poses and cooking in her kitchen. Taylor love lots of light, emotion and color in her images. Her love for photography is based on being able to capture a moment for someone that can never exactly be re-created. Photography is her gift to others and her way of giving back. She wants to create images that make you feel all the feelings you did during that time in your life when the image was take, sort of like when you smell a familiar smell and it immediately takes you back. Photos are her way of telling stories and holding on to them forever. 

When she is not behind the lens, she is trying to train her new puppy, (trying to understand and enjoy) watching sports with her husband, looking up a new recipe, planning a happy hour or jetting off on a weekend getaway. 

She is born, raised and based in Southern California.

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AYESCOLD is a DJ and aspiring producer from Washington D.C. Experiencing her formative years in different parts of the world, her music embraces transience and draws from the diversity of influences in her life. Although she goes by AYESCOLD ('ice-cold'), her mixes take you where the sun shines every day. You can find her music at or

DJ Ayescold curates the unique playlists created for each trip.



Kyle Hausmann-Stokes is an award-winning director based in Los Angeles.

Kyle’s body of work includes an eclectic variety of commercial, film and video content for television web and multi-million dollar ad campaigns. His directorial go-to’s are lifestyle and polish, with strong sensibilities for capturing real people, beautiful places, shiny objects and techy things.

Addicted to foreign places/culture/food, an avid fly fisherman and war veteran, Kyle has pulled from a tapestry of life experiences to also create a variety of content for companies in the travel, food, outdoors and military/veteran spaces.

Kyle was born and raised in the Midwest, lived/studied in Madrid and served 5 years in the US Army Airborne before settling down in Los Angeles. His creative director wife (Audrey Ma) and their one-eyed dog (Mason) are best known for their awful yearly holiday card.

You may see some of his work on our site and more of his other amazing work here


Serena Kefayeh founded her company, Creative Ideation, because of her passion for working with inspiring people and helping them tell their stories. She combines her expertise in visual storytelling with her background in strategic communication to create unique photos and videos that connect with her clients’ mission, message, and audience. Serena has trained at the International Center for Photography, the School of Visual Arts, and learned from some of the leading photographers and multimedia journalists in the United States. She received a B.A. from the University of Virginia, an M.A. in Communications from Johns Hopkins University, and an Advanced Professional Certificate in Digital and Visual Communication from Georgetown University. She grew up in the Middle East, loves to travel, speaks three languages, loves coffee, and has an excellent sense of direction.

Experience her work on our La Piña Podcast.