A Quick Note Regarding the Re-release of This Bonus Episode 

As some of you may have seen, we had to originally take down this episode due to the concerns of those that were involved in the making of it. With the permission of all those involved, we are able to re-launch the episode by tweaking certain aspects. As stated in the original post, we stand 100% behind the podcast content and the intention to give a platform to a voice that has often been silenced throughout the crisis. We also deeply care about the people we met while in Greece and we cannot begin to try and understand how difficult the situation is for them and their family. We carry them in our hearts every day. We remain passionate about bringing awareness to the refugee crisis in a way we think will hit home with people and move them to act. We hope this updated episode does just that. 

The El Camino Team

"I am starting from zero, but it's no problem, that's okay. The number one thing is that my family is safe - I will always find a way."

We launched our podcast earlier this year with an insider’s guide to off-the-beaten-path experiences in Mexico City. This episode is much different than our usual beat, as it comes from the heart of a refugee camp in Greece.

You’ve heard the stories about millions of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations in the Middle East searching for asylum in Europe and beyond. 

We knew we had to do more than just watch as the news of these refugees poured in. This spring, we organized a small group of volunteers to help in whatever ways possible at the Port Piraeus Refugee Camp outside Athens. There we met Omar*, who arrived in Greece a few weeks before, already having lost his home, his business, his money, and his safety. Despite having little to call his own, he volunteered to organize the camp's supply distribution center and acted as a translator.

We talked with Omar as we sorted clothing donations and toured the makeshift camp where he shares a two-person tent with his wife and young children. 

His story is heart wrenching, and it’s a critical reminder that behind the news stories that show masses of nameless refugees, there are actually countless individuals like Omar with families, desires for a safe life, and their own unique stories.  

You can listen to the episode now.

If you’d like to learn more about  the crisis, our time working in the refugee camps, and how you can help Omar and his family, our team of volunteers has collected resources and volunteer details that can be found here

*We have changed the name of the individual who is interviewed in this podcast to protect his identity. 

Interested In Donating to the Crisis? 

Our team has decided to raise $10,000USD for an organization that we initially volunteered with, Together For Better Days. We were all blown away by the dedication of the volunteers, and the organization of the camp infrastructure during our time spent there. We have full confidence in their capability and know that any funds being sent to them will be utilized in the best possible ways as they move their operations from Lesvos to the mainland of Greece where a large portion of the refugee population is concentrated. They will need your support to do this, and you can contribute here.

This episode was produced with the help of Serena Kefayah and Briana De Marco Pearl