El Camino Selections 19

In preparation for their departure to Colombia, we include a mix made by our resident DJ Ayescold in their welcome packet. This mix is made to introduce our travelers to the vibes and cultures that they're about to explore. IF YOU WANNA JOIN IN THE VIBES, PRESS PLAY.

El Camino Selections 18

As our travelers got ready to jet off to Colombia earlier this fall, our resident DJ Ayescold curated a mix for them to get into the spirit and immerse themselves in the country's culture before they even got there. PRESS PLAY to experience the vibes of Colombia for yourself!

El Camino Selections 17

Our resident DJ Ayescold is back at it again with a new mix tailored perfectly for our Nicaragua travelers! Ayesha crafted a mix filled with grooves of cumbia and reggaeton, CLICK PLAY TO GET THE VIBES GOIN

El Camino Selections 16

Our resident DJ is back at it again making mixes for us to get down with the vibes of our travel locations. With our new location, Mexico, ready to take off soon, DJ AYESCOLD made us a mix with all the energetic Latin vibes one needs to get ready for Mexico or get ready for the day. PRESS PLAY. 

El Camino Selections 15

As our travelers get ready to hit Trinidad & Tobago, we wanted a bumpin' mix to prepare them for all the fun that's ahead. Trinidad & Tobago have a local dance called wine, which is basically gyrating to the beat of the music. Our resident DJ, DJ AYESCOLD  prepped a mix specifically for the culture and dancing vibes of the islands we're hitting. Press play above to listen!

El Camino Selections 13 x RP

April is a busy month for the El Camino Travel crew! Jetsetting from one international party to the next with these playlists to keep our spirits soaring and heart pumping! We are back at it again with another special collaboration trip with Richer-Poorer. Stay tuned for the stories to unfold, but in the meantime, a special mix was made for this trip by our resident DJ AYESCOLD. ENJOY! 

El Camino Selections 11

Did you know we did specialized customized trips for large groups where we tailor the trip to you and your group's needs and wants? This is a playlist made by our resident DJ AYESCOLD for our first customized trip for a group of amazing ladybosses adventuring in Cartagena, Colombia for their best lady's bachelorette trip! Click to listen to how these ladies are prepping themselves for a bachelorette adventure!




El Camino Selections 10

We have a special customized playlist for each El Camino trip made especially for our travelers to get them pumped for their trip courtesy of our resident DJ, AYESCOLD. Here is the playlist for our first Colombia trip of the year!


El Camino Selections 9 x RP Edition

Music selections for our Richer-Poorer creative collaboration this past week in Medellin, Colombia from our resident DJ, Ayescold. 

"My inspiration for this series is Cumbia, a style of dance music from Colombia's coastal region, although popular across Latin America. To keep you bumping, these selections are also fused with trap, salsa, merengue, hip hop, reggaeton, moombahton, and more wild cards of course <3" - DJ Ayescold 

El Camino Selections 8

DJ Ayescold curated this epic playlist for our travelers who ventured off with us and closed out our 2015 with our last trip in December with a bang! As we were running away from winter and chasing the sun all the way to Nicaragua, these beats definitely kept us going!

El Camino Selections 7

DJ AYESCOLD did it again, curating these downtempo beats for our adventure seekers who went with us to Colombia last week! I don't know about you, but a little JT remix to jump start this playlist and our week is the way to go. 

El Camino Selections 6

El Camino Selections 6 is an exclusive playlist curated by DJ AYESCOLD for our travelers who ventured off to Nicaragua in July. This selection transported us from an afternoon chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool on a hammock by the beach to a catamaran ride along the Emerald Coast. Vacation vibes to the max with these downtempo beats. 

El Camino Selections (((Vol. 5))) is a mix curated by our resident music curator, Ayescold, for El Camino's May 2015 trip to Cartagena, Colombia. Travelers will be jetting off to secluded islands, indulging in volcanic mud baths, and dancing the hearts out to the vibrant music of Colombia. 

This selection is inspired by the sounds of Colombia, while showcasing the unexpected. In this installment of El Camino Selections (((Vol. 5))) get ready to hear cumbia, palenque, salsa, electrotropical, hip-hop, psychedelic and other folk and modern styles from Latin and Central America. Per usual, expect a few wildcards too <3


Losco - Pupunanny 
Meridian Brothers - Salsa Caliente (Versión Aumentada) 
Pidjeon - GodModeAlmost 
Quantic - Duvido feat. Pongo Love (Shigeto Remix) 
¿Que Onda? 
Wganda Kenya - Pim Pom 
Beyonce - Partition (Coaster Mix) 
Javascript - Javariddim (original) 
Tanto - Yumo 
Bienvenidos - Systema Solar 
Otra Vez Llegue 
Xxx¢-Drippin Like WOODER 
Duvidó Feat.Pongo Love 
Son Palenque - Calabongo (Thornato Remix) 
Ynfynyt Scroll - Bien Pegao 
Gaita Gaita - THORNATO 
Ondatrópica - Tiene Sabor, Tiene Sazón (DJ iZem Remix) 
Force Remix - Tokimonsta 
Que Bonito - Bomba Estero (Mediopicky Remix) 
Gaita de Tambora Vs. Missy Elliott - Work It (Don Beto Remix) 
Melô da Verdade - OMULU 
Dengue Dengue Dengue - Bugutu 
Jetson - Escape [prod. coryayo
ClasSick. (El Arkeologo) 
Sadat X feat. Krs One - Blow Up Da Spot (Remix El Arkeologo) 
El amarillo - Systema Solar 
Joe Frazier. (El Arkeologo)'Disponible'

destination: Nicaragua March 2015

El Camino Selections (((Vol. 3))) is a #TROPHAUS playlist curated by our resident music curator, Ayescold, for El Camino's March 2015 trip to Nicaragua, Central America. Travelers will be traversing the Emerald Coast  and exploring the nooks and crannies of colonial towns. 

"El Camino Selections Vol. 3 takes you to that club somewhere in paradise. This series showcases tropical beats blended with genres like future bass and soulful house. Take in these vibes as the sun goes down on a beach somewhere - you don't have to be there to feel it."



Kali Uchis - Know What I Want (Prod. by Bunx)                         

Haikaiss Part. CortesiaDaCasa & Ursso - Relaxa! (Prod. NeoBeats)

SUSHI FT. MASEGO   -  (dc)            

Love Be Like ft. Masego - JR Jârris

Hudson - su na                                 

Briza de Verão - KOJACK´S                          

Can't You See            -  J-Louis        

[FirmaDoTxiGa]- Somos Malucos                                        

Tell Me (from Heartbreaks & Promises vol. 2) – Klaves

Take It Slow - Jengi Beats


Thinkin About You (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix)                      

Slowmo  - Kource      

All I Do (The Theorist Remix) - Majid Jordan       

understanding - sam gellaitry                    


Beyoncé - XO (Full Crate Edit)

Bejwelled - Simba                

Hurt Your Back- Full Crate              

U O Me- Paolo Rocco

No one (Flying Peanut remix)- Maxwell                                                        


Hot Remix ft. Tek.Lun & Zikomo - oriJanus 

Beachwave - Planet Giza                 

Nothing At All            - SAVON x K-Wash   

Kevin Lyttle - Turn Me On (Soundpalette Edit)                           

Ridin Round   - Kali Uchis    

Sango - Me dê Amor (El. Train Bootleg Edit)                    

Sango - Me Dê Amor (Kamubei flip)                                 

Hair Game On Fleek  - lean quatifah    

destination: Nicaragua 2014

LET'S GO! is a diverse playlist curated by our resident music curator, DJ Ayescold, for El Camino's inaugural trip to Nicaragua, Central America. Travelers will be traversing the Pacific Coast at Maderas Beach and Popoyo and exploring the nooks and crannies of the colonial town of Granada. 

"I made this mix to kick off El Camino Travel's first trip to Nicaragua. My aim was to convey the El Camino's aesthetic with a selection of soulful vacation vibes. These are tracks that are light hearted but go deep in with their nuances-- they range from my favorite female r&b vocalists to west coast hip hop. I hope you can vibe with me. <3 "

--DJ Ayescold

destination: Appalachia Crooked Road

Mountain (e)Scape is a short playlist curated for El Camino's journey into the Appalachia. These tracks embody the cultural region spanning the Eastern United States and the instruments and musical techniques that have influenced its sound. 

This mix was crafted and selected by our music curator, DJ Ayescold for a road trip we took into the Appalachia at the end of September 2014. 

destination: Fresh Water Quarry Outside of Baltimore

" When asked to curate a mix to kick off the Pop Up Vacation, my aim was to select tracks that momentarily transport you elsewhere, and convey El Camino's relaxed yet thoughtful vibe. Many of the artists on the tracks are emerging and forward-thinking in their vocals and sounds -- a great soundtrack for folks who wish to travel deeper." 

DJ Ayescold

This mix was crafted and selected by DJ Ayescold, our El Camino music curator, for our August 6th, 2014 Pop Up Vacay to a fresh water quarry outside of Baltimore.