How Does This Trip Differ From Your Other Group Trips to Cuba? 

Let's get straight to it. We were uber excited when we got approached by The 5th to partner on a design-focused trip to Cuba. It provided a unique opportunity to bring the values of their brand to life through an eclectic and authentic travel experience. This itinerary differs from our other trips because it has a people-to-people itinerary that is rooted in exploring the creative and design culture of Havana. Expect the same level of customer service and attention to detail that El Camino trips are known for. 

SUPER BONUS: Each guest that is part of this one off itinerary will receive a backpack full of 5TH watches, frames and travel accessories. 

Who Is This Trip For? 

How would we describe this trip? Electric, adventurous, eccentric, spontaneous, and vibrant are a few words that come to mind! Restful...? Not so much. Rejuvenating and invigorating? Absolutely. 

During our five days in Cuba, you best believe we will be making the absolute most of the long weekend trip. If you have been following us for some time, you know that we go above and beyond to ensure that you are not getting stuck in the tourist traps (there are many in Cuba); we've worked closely with incredible local talent to create authentic people-to people experiences that immerse you in this unique country while also enabling you to have meaningful conversations with Cubanos.

Traveling with El Camino means that you will not waste time figuring out where to go, what to see, and where to eat (and dance!). No, with El Camino, we bring you right to the heart and soul of Havana and put you face-to-face with the innovators and change makers who are taking Cuba into the future. This is responsible and sustainable travel El-Camino style.

We get it, visa requirements and barriers to entry have kept you, and many others, from seriously considering a trip to Cuba. Current restrictions prevent all Americans from traveling to Cuba except as part of a group tour, so let us help you get past this red tape. El Camino will provide you with high-level customer service before, during, and after the trip, ensuring throughout that you are legally compliant with any travel mandates to Cuba. (See more info under 'Basic Info.') Now, we cannot promise you won't encounter the unexpected in Cuba. In fact, you most likely will. For better or worse, surprises are part of the Cuban experience. Hell, it's part of travel. What we can promise is that our team will assist you with any surprises throughout the duration of your trip. If you're not willing to go with the flow, please consider postponing your trip to Cuba for a few years as its aging infrastructure catches up with its growing tourism needs.

In addition, internet is hard to come by and takes much effort to get. Please expect to be digitally disconnected the whole time as we will not spend anytime chasing down the wifi signal. Instead, we will be following the intoxicating beats of Cuban music pulsating from every street corner.

Photography Component

It is important to note that we provide a group photographer on all our group tours so that our travelers can go back to being present and in the moment rather than worrying about capturing the moment. They are the travel photographer for the whole group and not a personal photographer to each individual traveler. Because of the lack of availability of internet access during the trip itself, we will provide travelers with 100 images within 24 hours of the trip ending and an additional 150 within three weeks.  We offer our guests dynamic and candid images of the trip so that they can share these with their friends and family back home. While this is an important element that adds to the unique experience of our trips, it is not the focus of our trip. Our guests are excited about receiving stunning images of their trip that they could never get with their phone or selfie stick, but the act of travel and indulging in the moment is what they value most. 

Basic Info

Group travel to Cuba is legal but complicated. Tourism is still strictly prohibited.  To comply with US law governing travel to Cuba, you must travel as part of a group and retain travel records for five years. We work with all our partners to manage this process for you and we ensure that your final itinerary is compliant with US law. We will also retain records on your behalf. Want to learn more please check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document regularly updated by the US Treasury Department. Here is a link to the latest, updated as of June 16th, 2017.

How to Get There + Visa

It is now relatively easy to reach Cuba from most major cities in the United States. United, American, Jet Blue, Alaska, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, and Spirit Airlines all have commercial flights from the USA. Once booked, your airline will work with you arrange your visa. 

Have questions about flights + visas? Once booked, we can help you answer any questions you may have while booking. We are familiar with the various commercial flights now flying to Havana and their procedures and will be able to walk you through the process. 


This group trip will include seven SHARED ROOMS (two people per room) at a casa particular (a private homestay). You can share a room with a friend, lover, platonic lover, someone you met on Tinder, or whoever else, but all rooms must be shared. If you do not have a partner in crime, don't be put off, we welcome solo travelers and our trips are perfectly set up to allow you to make new friends. However, you must be comfortable sharing a room with another traveler in the group of the same gender. More details of the casas will be shared upon purchase of the trip, but we promise we hand picked all casas that are ran by excellent local hosts and who pass the El Camino standard of customer service with flying colors. It is also a unique opportunity to get to know local Cubanos and practice your Spanish if you're so inclined!  

Pricing & Payment

This group trip is priced for early reservations at $2295 and will increase to $2495 on September 8th.  To guarantee your reservation, you must put down your deposit.  A 40% deposit is due at the time of booking. Final payment is due no later than 25 days prior to departure. Payments must be made by credit card. Please read our FAQ for more information and our BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


Transportation to and from Havana airport// Meals where noted and reservations at top restaurants//Additional Concierge Service//Record keeping for all travelers to prove compliance with US law//Activities as mentioned above// Transport for activities mentioned above///Tips for drivers and local experiences. 

Trips will include 100 edited images of the group within 24 hours of the trip ending + an additional batch of images 3 weeks after the trip ends.

Not Included

Airfare in and out of the country// Mandatory Travel Insurance //Incidental Expenses// Alcohol except where noted//Tips for photographer and local host

Host + Group Photographer

We have a roster of well qualified hosts and creative photographers that we work with. Prior to your trip, you will receive a welcome packet that will inform you on who will be guiding and documenting your adventure.