We don’t simply visit a destination.

And we definitely don’t tour a city.

We immerse ourselves in Cartagena. Havana. Bogota. Port of Spain. Guided by those who live and breathe their city.



We cook our fresh catch on a deserted beach.



We let loose in the Salsa club.

We sip the oldest, and newest, MEZCAL.

We TURN the boat AROUND TO swim with dolphins.

We Jam out during CONGA LESSONS.

We roll cigars with abuelita.


Above all, we embolden the local creatives.  The designer working with indigenous peoples to preserve their craft. The chef that challenges the paradigm of where our food comes from. The graffiti artist celebrating the history of a community through art. We share in their drive and their passion in seeking out a better world.

So look beyond everything you thought travel was, and embrace something new.

Because we don’t just meet the locals, we live with them; we learn alongside them; we dance with them through the night. They help us explore their country the way they’d want to explore it today. Because our brand of travel is living there now.

Be a misfit, be a rebel, be whatever you really are. Travel brings out the best of you. All your curiosities, your wild, fearless side.

We are a new way of travel. We are El Camino.


Each trip is composed of 14 individuals eager for something different.

Curated travel, unique experiences: Check them out. We are giving you individualized, exclusive to El Camino experiences throughout the trip. Because we are so committed to the details and working with local small business owners and entrepreneurs, each trip is different, and thus pricing is different. 

We really care: We really do. As stated in our philosophy above, we want you to have an epic journey those dear to you now and 40 years from now will wax poetically on your behalf. That's why we personally contact each traveler going on the trip, to get to know you better, better grasp the type of trip you are seeking, and answer any questions you may have.

Your own photographer: Each group is accompanied by a talented photographer with a creative eye ready to capture the whole experience. The photographer will deliver 20+ compelling images of the group every morning that you can immediately share with your social media. That means you can leave your phone at the door and live in the moment. 

Do good: El Camino is committed to supporting local vendors and businesses throughout the many aspects of the trip, ensuring that our tourism dollars go directly back into the local economy and into the hands of the individuals who make the #elcaminotravel experience what it is. We feel this is the best way to continue to contribute to a thriving and sustainable local economy. Want to understand why this is important to us and how we think we can make a difference in the world through tourism? You can read this blog post about the conversation that sparked the idea for the company here and read about what responsible tourism means to us here

Don't travel solo: Meet awesome new friends. Don't get lonely. Experience a new country and the exciting aspects of its culture with others who appreciate the #elcaminotravel style of travel. 

Take all the guessing out of planning: Did you know the average traveler visits over 78 websites during the booking and planning process? We cut out the endless hours of research and put together itineraries that are pretty rad. This is how we would want to travel and what we would want to do if we were visiting the country for the first time. All itineraries are created by our founder who has extensively traveled to these countries and understands what a makes a memorable trip. 

Who are our trips for?  Our trips are for those who have an adventurous spirit, love discovering new countries, and are interested in making the world a better place through travel and tourism. 

Want to learn more about El Camino Travel and our north star (what we do and why we do it)? Check out this Creative Mornings talk our founder, Katalina Mayorga, gave. We are committed to cultivating empathy through travel.