El Camino Travel Finishes off in Popoyo, Nicaragua

After a lovely 2 nights in colonial Granada, our group went off the beaten path (like dirt roads that require 4 wheel drive off the beaten path) and landed at Magnific Rock in Popoyo, Nicaragua. The view was nothing short of incredible. The last few days the crew soaked in the last of the sun, caught as many waves as they could, and rested up in preparation for heading back into reality.

Day 7 // #surf #sun #R&R

Day 7-4.jpg

Day 8 // #lastminutetanning #vacationblues #sayitisn'tso

Our last day was spent trying to squeeze in the last of our Nicaragua experience. No one wanted to pack their bags and say goodbye to each other or the country.


The next morning we pouted and headed to the airport. #boohoo.

What an amazing 9 days.

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