This week we are packing our bags and heading to NYC, and we are definitely packing warm clothes. We are going to the YTP (Young Travel Professionals) Future Lab event on the 16th, then hitting up the NY Times Travel Show the following week.  We can't wait to dive deep into the travel industry and get inspired!

As you might know, as cofounders, we live on opposite coasts. In fact, while we launched the business in July, we actually only met for the first time in NYC last August (the pictures above are from that trip). We know each other, but do we really know each other? In NYC we'll ask each other deep, superficial, fun, and maybe borderline inappropriate questions. Oh, and did we mention we will be recording it all? In coming weeks, you'll get to know things about us that you perhaps were wondering, or perhaps don't care to know, and maybe a little bit of everything in between. We will be introducing a new series that takes a peek into the lives of cofounders on opposite coasts. #WhereisKata #WhereisMari

We can't wait to share our stories.


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