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Have you met our intern, Jolyn? She is a baller and we are over the moon that she is part of our team. In the short time she has been here, she has gone above and beyond, brought some great ideas to the table, and is a constant source of positive energy. What do we love most?  She is an #elcaminotravel alum. She joined us in April to Nicaragua and thus, has had the full El Camino experience. The notion that a traveler loved the experience so much that she took the risk, dived into the business, and wanted to join the team is incredibly rewarding. We wanted to take the time to properly introduce her to our community; world meet Baby Camino (this is what we have affectionately named Jolyn).  

Who are you and what’s your story?
I’m Jolyn, pronounced Jolene like the Dolly Parton song. I’m currently based in DC, by way of Los Angeles. Certified California grown. I moved to DC after college to work with Hyatt and quickly figured out that I didn’t like the corporate world. I went on to work for Mike Isabella’s restaurant group for a year and had the opportunity to help open a new fast casual concept, Halsa, but realized that I wanted more time to myself. I decided to leave restaurant management as a whole and decided to travel a bit and explore other things that interest me. During my travels, El Camino was one of the trips I took! My 20’s, so far, has been a series of learning “what I don’t like” to get me closer to “what I do like”. Very much like modern dating. So now you can find me in DC, deep diving into the world of entrepreneurship and travel as El Camino’s intern by day and surrounding myself with the cool kids of Rose’s Luxury as their food runner by night.

What do you do as an #elcaminotravel intern?
Anything that El Camino needs! Anything from researching new cities to launch, to setting up travelers for upcoming trips, to styling shots for Instagram, to working with tour operators abroad. I touch on a lot of company, which is perfect for someone who wants to learn it all!

Why were you interested in interning at El Camino?
I’ve always loved start-ups and the entrepreneurial spirit that came with it and El Camino had the creative aesthetic and energy that I wanted to be a part of. Figuring out what I didn’t like in the jobs I was in during my early 20’s somehow guided me here. Quitting a full-time job, then going on an El Camino trip, getting along really well with Katalina (the CEO of El Camino), living in DC where Katalina lives & works, finding out she’s a crazy (but awesome) Gemini like me, and being a free agent in terms of work at the right time... things happen for a reason and I feel like this was very serendipitous.

What has been the best and the worst thing that you have experienced in this internship so far?
The worst? When we run out of coffee. The best? Katalina is really good about keeping us inspired and taking us outside of ‘the office’. Creative brainstorms aside, the best has been city events and field trips around the city to get out of the office and be inspired by what’s in our own backyard, but we are also about to go to Nicaragua in December to lead a trip and do some scouting so the best is yet to come!

El Camino is still a baby and is just a year old. The whole world is its oyster. Where do you see El Camino going and how do you see it growing?
I see El Camino blowing up in the next year. More amazing destinations, more events and experiences being curated all over the world, local and abroad. I’d love to see a traveling community built around El Camino with the same ethos of wanting to live in the moment, and providing a platform for inspiration and real human connection of travelers.

What is one thing you have learned about working in a start-up environment?
Learning to wear a lot of hats. Good thing I love hats!

What El Camino destination are you excited for and why?
Trinidad & Tobago. Hands-down. Have you seen the itinerary?! A week of wining, liming and dining. Sign me up!

What are your travel essentials?

  1. blanket scarf

  2. sketchbook & sharpie pen

  3. iphone w. headphones

  4. chapstick

What do you do to get inspired?
I live in DC so I walk the city a lot. Neighborhoods and local shops inspire me the most.

What is something not everyone knows about you?
Every week or so I lock myself in my room, turn my phone on airplane mode, plug in my headphones and handletter my day away. 

Favorite words to live by.
Be intentional. 
With everything you do, decisions you make, & people you encounter.


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