Why Now is the Time to Travel to Mexico City

There is a reason.....

Mexico City has been named the World Design Capital and over 8 restaurants located in this culinary hub, made the World's 50 Best Restaurant List. Mexico City is booming. Chefs are reviving traditional ingredients and cooking techniques in unique ways and architects and urban planners alike are integrating smart and gorgeous design into all aspects of daily life. 

Mexico City has all the elements of an El Camino trip-- bold flavors, stunning design, and creative prowess. We are ready to show off this city through various lenses and perspectives and do what we do best. 

When? November 10th-14th, 2016. Only 14 spots available. 

Are you ready for a new adventure? See the full itinerary and pricing here. And remember, each trip includes a highly talented and creative trip photographer, so you can be fully immersed in the experience. Let someone else worry about capturing those candid moments of adventure. 

We can't wait to see you on the road less traveled!


An expert led street food tour. Our local foodie will help us navigate the thousands of food stalls that line bustling downtown Mexico City. We will taste the best of the best and expand our culinary palate by savoring ingredients you never even heard of. 

A Lucha Libre happy hour and experience. We will sip beers with a local aficionado who will give us the full run down on why the sport of Lucha Libre is core to local culture. This is all before we head to the colosseum to cheer, yell, and jeer alongside other die hard fans. 


An intimate tasting of infused Mezcals from the state of Guerrero (not Oaxaca!!), right in the living room a Mezcal connoisseur. And more... see the full itinerary here. 


Because we are obsessed with the details and experience, this trip will include seven SHARED ROOMS at the beautifully designed Chaya Boutique Hotel. Each room will have only one bed, so you must be comfortable sharing the bed with a partner or a friend. The pricing below is for two travelers, sharing one room, with one bed. 


Due to the accommodations for this trip, the pricing is $3800 for two people ($1900 per person) during early sign up. In order to guarantee everyone has a room with someone they know and prefer to share a bed with, you must sign up as a pair. After early sign up, the price increases to $4200 per pair ($2100 per person). To guarantee your reservation, you can pay your deposit here.


P.S. Remember to leave your selfie stick at home. All tours include a trip photographer who will provide the group with twenty dynamic and compelling images on a daily basis and an additional batch of images once the trip ends. Why? We want people to get back to living in the moment and in the adventure and have visuals that truly represent the epic journey that is ahead of them.

Be a traveler, not a tourist.  

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