For a limited time, we are offering travelers the opportunity to pay for Trinidad and Tobago in four payments. 

Seasonal depression, #thestruggleisreal.
We like to be efficient over here at #elcaminotravel. So why not aid our seasonal depression AND check off a new year's resolution AT THE SAME TIME?! Excuse us as we daydream about wading in clear blue waters, soaking up some much needed VitaD, witnessing the annual leatherback turtle season, boating to 'No Man's Land to devour some Trini BBQ, indulging in a massage by a jungle waterfall, and getting our groove on with some wining and liming. 

We have become absolutely OBSESSED with this country-- the diversity in culture, the harmony in those diverse cultures living together that permeates all aspects of daily life, the food, the crazy dance, the hikes into the jungle (aka: the bush), the vibrant people and the fountain of youth found in the middle of the ocean-- we are dying for our #elcaminotravel crew to see it first hand. 

What have we loved even more? The fact that there are very few tourists here and when you're visiting, you truly feel like you have come across the world's best kept secret. 

You can see the full itinerary and read through this blog post about our first trip to Trinidad and Tobago that left us with our jaws wide open.

We are excited to get more travelers discovering the undiscovered, so we created an alternative payment plan!

Our first and only trip to Trinidad and Tobago for 2016 is from June 12- 19, 2016. The price for the trip will be $2900 for Early Sign Up ($3150 after early sign up). If you book by February 11, 2016, you have the option of paying in four installments of $725 every month for 4 months. 

Get school'd by our friend, Monica in Trinidad, who describes why these islands are the BOMB, what "Sunday School" is (+ it ain't church), and where you tell God to send you if you get kicked out of heaven. 

Start off your new year strong. Some people invest in things, we invest in life experiences.

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