Experiencing Self Vs. Remembering Self

A good friend of El Camino's sent over this podcast episode by Radio Headspace on the topic of The moment vs. The memory. This episode broke down the differences between capturing moments via photography and experiencing moments without. They dove into why people take pictures and whether or not it takes away from actually experiencing + remembering moments in your life.

Their resident neurologist Dr. Claudia stated that it actually takes more of an effort to stay present and be in the moment because it's pretty innate for us to already anticipate the memories you are about to have, even before experiencing it. Their experimental findings show that when you are experiencing moments through your own eyes and relying on your own memory, your senses are heightened with the sights and sounds of your surroundings. You have more time to do whatever it is that you are experiencing because you aren't so focused on capturing the perfect photo. On the other hand, where memory fails us, experiencing moments through the photos that were taken helps relive those moments much more vividly than as you would simply relying on pure memory. Photos are a way to stop time and make a memory last. 

In the end it is really about balance and to not be completely lost behind the lens. That is a big part of El Camino and why we exist. We want our travelers to get away from being behind the lens and stop obsessing over getting the perfect shot and fully immerse themselves in the culture and sights + sounds of the city that they are in. We want to give them the opportunity to interact with the people and the places in a way they could never do while hiding behind the lens of a camera. Where memory may fail our travelers, our professional photographers are there to document their journey so that they have both the first-hand experiences and the photos to keep the memory alive. 

As soon as we listened to this podcast, we knew we had to share it with all of you. Whether you are traveling with us or not, remember to keep a balance between living in the moment and capturing the moment. Take a listen below... 

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