Welcome to the El Camino family our newest labor of love:

Hey travelers, guess what... We launched what we are calling an experiential travel podcast, and we could not be more ecstatic to share the news! Read on to learn more about what we're up to.

Why did we name it La Piña?

The pineapple—la piña in Spanish—holds several centuries of history as an international symbol of hospitality. Christopher Columbus brought the pineapple to Europe in the fifteenth century, but Caribbean natives were rumored to have hung pineapples in their doorways to welcome visitors long before then. Returning sailors, too, stuck pineapples on their fenceposts to announce their arrival home. Later, Colonial Americans featured the “rare” fruit in elaborate feasts to showcase both their status and generosity. The sentiment eventually carried over to architecture and home decor, as pineapple shapes were carved into fences, door knockers, bedposts, and candlesticks. 

The fruit is still featured in the hospitality industry the world over. Take a closer look at the decor of your next hotel, where you might just spot a pineapple.

What’s that got to do with our podcast? 

In each episode, we dive deep into the heart of a place, according to those who know it best. Instead of consulting outsiders, we talk with local tastemakers and creatives who are changing the face of their city. These locals have generously welcomed us into their living rooms, their businesses, and their favorite spots to share insider tips. We get to know a place from those that know it best in such a hospitable manner. 

Now we’re sharing this insider tips with you in an experiential format.

In the first episode of La Piña, join host Katalina Mayorga in Mexico City, where you will hear from a Mezcal connoisseur who teaches us how to properly find and drink Mezcal, the operations director of a high fashion brand who empowers artisan communities through high end fashion, and a fourth generation legacy chef who is incorporating traditional Mexican ingredients (like bugs) into his dynamic menu.

Episode One is here. Welcome to Mexico City.