As you may have seen on our last post about the new happenings of 2016 for the El Camino squad, we have been working on projects for our 'soon-to-be-official' El Camino Travel Creative Agency. Our first big creative collaboration for 2016 was with LA's Richer-Poorer to highlight the Honest Hustle mentality in which the brand was built upon. We did this by creating an El Camino travel experience to Medellin, Colombia centered around the "Honest Hustle." 

We will be sharing the experience with all of you over the next few days in a four-part HONEST HUSTLE blog post series. This is the first post.

In order to understand the trip, you must understand why we chose Medellin-- out of all the cities in the world-- to launch this unique collaboration. 

Medellin is known as the Silicon Valley of Latin America and is admired for its ability to continuously churn out great ideas and companies. It is a city that has witnessed grand transformation in the past decades due to the resilience of its population and innovative mentality to create change through investments into the social fabric of the city. Read this article to learn how Medellin went from being one of the most violent cities in the world to one of the most socially progressive. It's inspiring come back story was the perfect foundation for a trip that highlighted the honest hustle in all aspects of life. 

During this trip, we introduced our influencers to some of the top movers and shakers of Medellin from all fields and who have been critical to its success. Our goal was to have our influencers leave deeply inspired by the Medellin hustle and see the honest hustle through a unique international lens that took us all of out of our comfort zones.

Click below to read why Richer-Poorer chose to collaborate with El Camino, why it was important for them to share their brand story with the world in such a unique way, and most importantly why we all do what we do. 

In the words of Richer-Poorer's co-founder, Iva Pawling, "We call it the Honest Hustle, and the hustle of those that inspire us are the stories we now want to tell. We believe in chasing dreams, following instincts and working so very damn hard that achievement is the only outcome". 

In our next post, we introduce the #honesthustlers that we took along on this lively expedition.

Want to head to Medellin, Colombia with El Camino? Click here to see dates for 2016. 

All photos by Jennifer Young Studio for El Camino Travel.