This is the last segment of our four-part HONEST HUSTLE series (in case you missed it...part 1, part 2, part 3) and what better way to end it than to reminisce over what our travelers had documented on their own. We had our travelers use the #ELCAMINOxRP in order for our community to follow along on our journey through Medellin, Colombia with Richer-Poorer. These posts ended up becoming little vignettes of the special moments these travelers were able to experience. We had to share a few of our favorites with you! Which were your favorites from the #ELCAMINOXRP ?

Inspired by the people of Colombia, all my new friends, and @theyoufinder #ElCaminoxRP #todayilearnedgraffiti

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today has been 😌 #ElCaminoxRP #honesthustle

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Neighborhood Watch. • #MWxMedellin #ELCaminoxRP #Comuna13

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Leap Year #elcaminoxRP #honesthustle

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Hanging out in Colombia ✌🏻️@elcaminotravel @richerpoorer #elcaminoxrp #honesthustle

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Alright, so that was actually 12 favorites, but rules were meant to be broken.

Excuse us as we tend to our #elcaminoxrp withdrawals. 

xx The El Camino Hustlers

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