Here at El Camino, we make sure to seek out photographers that perfectly match with the vibes of our trips as well as our travelers. Their creative eyes seek out the most dynamic and vibrant areas of the locations we visit. Their inspiration is found everywhere-- in the colors, the people, the movement of the city, and beyond! Just as importantly, they have a serious understanding of what it is to hustle as they’re shooting all day and editing all night so that our travelers can wake up to 20 or so candid photos of the group's travels from the day before. We’re grateful to them for relieving the task of taking photos off the hands of the travelers so they do not have to worry about carrying around a selfie stick or have their cell phone out the whole time.  

Since our photographers are solely featured on El Camino through their stunning imagery, we thought we’d introduce our photographers to you as the amazing individuals they are.

#elcaminotravel  community, meet Taylor Cole! She shot the El Camino bachelorette party in Colombia back in April. Funny enough, she hates flying! But she flew all the way to Cartagena with us anyway, probably because she tells us she has her dream job (awww). Even if she doesn’t like flying, that’s not gonna stop her from hitting future destinations. She says the next spots she wants to hit are Argentina and Germany. Before she goes there, she’ll be in Sayulita, Mexico before we reach June.

Some of Taylor’s passions are cooking and yoga, and she refers to herself as a hot sauce enthusiast.

Below are some of our favorite shots from Taylor's work with us in Colombia!

Taylor is one of our 11 photographers, and we’re eternally grateful for each one of them on our team! Stay tuned for more features of the team behind El Camino.

To check out more of Taylor's awesome photography, work, click here!