Launching Creative Retreats for Startups!


#ELCAMINOTRAVEL fam, we done did it again. We got stuck on an idea and had to make it a reality. This time it was a creative retreat for entrepreneurs in the middle of the Colombian jungle. I know all of it sounds pretty random, but here is what happened...

1) In addition to the many travel inquiries we receive, we also get several emails about the growth of our business. However, we are running a lean operation and it is extremely difficult for us to be able to reply to all of them, and I (Katalina) feel guilty! 

2) El Camino got invited to visit a STUNNING hotel in a remote part of Colombia. Once we stepped foot on the property we knew we had to do something here. The energy, the feel, the luuuuuuush tropical terrain... this place was meant for magic. 

3) During my time there I took some time to reflect and start mapping out some serious 2017 goals for myself. One of my passions has always been facilitation and coaching. I love helping people make their dreams a reality. Nothing makes me feel happier. In fact, I spent several years doing this before El Camino and was pretty good at it. I only stopped because the entrepreneurial itch got the best of me and El Camino went from an expirement to a rapidly growing business. I am one person and I couldn't do both. 

So 1+2+3 = creative retreat in the Colombian jungle. This is the best place to get inspired, to disconnect, and to focus on making your passion a financially sustainable empire. So let's do it y'all! I am ready and pumped. Need more details? Keep reading or go directly here

Who is this retreat for? 

This retreat is for the entrepreneur in the first three years of their business or in the midst of doing a complete creative revamp of their brand. It is for the entrepreneur constantly thinking outside of the box, likes to push their creative limits, knows how to be scrappy and resourceful, and loves a good collaboration. 

Participants will leave this retreat with the following...

  • Clearer business vision and mission statement 
  • Stronger understanding of their customer experience 
  • Clearly be able to articulate their value proposition to others 
  • Stronger understanding of the basics to seeking investment 
  • Actionable next steps to grow their business 
  • Continuous feedback and mentorship throughout the retreat from Katalina 
  • Community of likeminded entrepreneurs 

I am going to stop typing now. I know I have been spilling my guts and this email is getting long. If you are interested, go here.  Have questions? Don't hesitate to holler at us at