Introducing: Colombia 2018

Photo by Jodee Debes for El Camino Travel

Photo by Jodee Debes for El Camino Travel

Hey world, meet our newest travel experience: Colombia 2018

Once one of Latin America’s most notorious nations, Colombia has experienced a lively revival in the last twenty years emerging as one of the most exciting destinations in the region. Sharing parts of the snow-capped Andes mountain range and the Amazon rainforest with its bordering neighbors, the entire country is brimming in biodiversity and boasts a coastline made up of mostly isolated ribbons of white sand. Get ready the a unique travel experience of a lifetime. Here’s what you can expect on our group trips to Colombia for 2018:


Prepare yourself for an architectural kaleidoscope of color as you explore the streets of Medellin and Cartagena to uncover bad-boy history and Spanish colonial roots. Colombia offers a heady mix of old and new, with this diversity mixing seamlessly in its cityscapes.

Arriving in Cartagena, you’ll get under the skin of the region eulogized by García Márquez. We’ll take you on a food tour to try some of the Colombian cuisines that the city is famous for and then dance the night away to Afro-Caribbean beats on a traditional chiva party tour.

We couldn’t talk about Medellin without acknowledging it’s infamous past. Once overruled by infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar, Medellin has undergone a radical program of urban transformation which changed its social fabric indefinitely. This is a city like no other and trust us, there is much more to discover than just Pablo.  

On top of all that, we’ll take you out on an island adventure in the middle of the ocean, we’ll visit a volcano, take a trip to a flower and coffee farm, and even spend a day in the lake district of Guatape.

Photo by Taylor Cole for El Camino Travel

Photo by Taylor Cole for El Camino Travel


Colombian cuisine might just be one of the region’s best-kept secrets! Dine on fresh lobster, savor sumptuous street food, devour exotic fruits, and tantalize your taste buds at hole-in-the-wall style cafes and beautiful bohemian eateries. We’ll even finish off the trip with a night of culinary magic at one of Medellin’s best fine-dining restaurants.


Get a chance to hear about Colombia’s history from its best storytellers – its people. Learn from your local hosts about colonial Cartagena, or how Medellin tackled violence and disparity through infrastructure and development. You’ll also get a chance to meet the local creatives and purveyors of social change in Colombia and gain insight into their work through collaborative partnership.

Photo by Jennifer Young for El Camino Travel

Photo by Jennifer Young for El Camino Travel


El Camino Travel prioritizes local immersion over luxury, seeking boutique accommodations with plenty of charm and character that offer a more unique travel experience. Our group tours to Colombia all feature double occupancy rooms, but if you’re thinking of traveling without a a partner in crime, don't be put off. We encourage solo travelers to come along as all trips are perfectly set up to allow you to make new friends. Ready to go? We’ve already got your room reserved for 2018. To check out our departure dates click to view our full itinerary for Colombia 2018 or click below to reserve your spot.