What to do in Granada?

What to do in Granada?

Read on to learn about some of our favorite spots in this charming colonial town. 

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DAY 5// #nextadventure #luxuriate #roam #dogood

On the morning of the fifth day, we departed Maderas Village [insert emoji sad face here] and started the journey to Granada, Nicaragua. We would be spending the next two days wandering the centuries old colonial streets and the artisan stalls of the famed Masaya Market that neighbors the town. Our travelers did not have to figure out what to do in Granada, because we had it all figured out for them. Their only job was to immerse themselves in the experience we had created. 

We posted up at Tribal Hotel where our travelers fully "luxuriated" for the next two days. Luxuriating included several massages ($35 an hour?!) on their private balconies (a main staple of every room) and late night bathrobe parties poolside. 

To say that Granada is a color-filled town is an understatement. 

The first day we arrived, we wandered the city and rested up before our big dinner with the social entrepreneurs that this trip was supporting. Giving 10% of our profits to a local social entrepreneur, who is carrying out radical work in the face of great adversity, is core to our mission. Because it is so important to us, we will be dedicating a whole post to this dinner. In the meantime here is a sneakpeak.....

More to come about Sandra and Carla and their Women In Solar initiative. 

DAY 6// #markets #diycigarrolling #luxuriate

Travelers could be served breakfast on their private balconies or they could eat in the main lounging area that is adjacent to the pool. Not a bad view. One of the highlights of the trip was the vivacious conversation that happened each day at breakfast and around the table. Though our travelers started off this trip as strangers, by this point inside jokes were being thrown around like hot cakes. So many hashtags, so many new words, so much life. A moment as simple as breakfast time was always a poignant reminder of why we created El Camino Travel.  

After breakfast we headed to Masaya Market. Masaya is filled to the brim with all kinds of goods-- leather clutches in bold colors, masks of all types, handmade sandals, wooden kitchenware, etc. It is busting at the seams with artisan beauties at affordable prices. It visually verberates shopping spree for us on a tight shopping budget. Masaya you are a #badassbiotch. 

Later in the afternoon we took a special mode of transportation (all you need to know is that it included a tractor and reggeaton) to a cigar factory. Our goal was to learn how to properly roll those puppies. 

Mission accomplished. Cigars made + bought then smoked. 

We ended the tour as it should, with our own telenovela family portrait. We unfortunately did not bring the parrot to Tribal Hotel to luxuriate with us the rest of the night.

Up next.... our intimate salon type dinner with social entrepreneurs.  

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