Why cuba?


Are you confused about the logistics of traveling to Cuba. You are not alone. But that’s exactly what we’re here for—we’ve figured out all the boring visa stuff already so you can just sit back and enjoy. This island nation may be on the brink of a new era, but there’s an energy and atmosphere right now in Cuba that just can’t be beat. With all of the hype and confusion surrounding this mysterious destination, we say there’s never been a better time to go.

Experience Cuba’s fascinating mix of old and new for yourself and allow us guide you through this passionate country, both legally and safely. Let El Camino Travel introduce you to the movers and shakers behind Havana’s pulse: the artists, the musicians, the young entrepreneurs. Make new friends, get to know the city, dine with local families and immerse yourself in this warm and welcoming culture.

If Cuba’s colorful, colonial architecture, rum-filled cocktails, warm summer evenings, and postcard-perfect streets lined with vintage cars don’t get you dancing salsa on the street, then nothing else will!

We’ve compiled a team of local, on-the-ground Cuban travel experts who make it easy to have a trip of a lifetime. We stay on top of all the trends so you don’t have to spend countless hours online doing research in a country you've never been to, all the while not knowing if you are getting sucked into impersonal and generic activities. With us, you do not have to plan a single detail. As soon as you arrive, you'll be greeted by a local who will immediately feel like a friend. Someone who'll show you the best places to explore, to eat, drink and play! That's the #elcaminotravel way.



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Private Trips 

Simply put: there’s no way you’d be able to plan this many immersive experiences on your own. Even the most skillful of planners would not be capable of bringing this level of highly curated experiences to the table. Let us cut out the guess-work for you.




Allow us to completely change your perception on traveling with a group. Retain your independence and your solo-traveler swag, while soaking up the unique and meaningful benefits that only group travel could provide.