What to do in Cuba? Where to travel in Cuba? We got your back boo. We figured out the best of the best so you could just focus on the journey with your new crew of travel buds. This is the exact Cuba travel experience we would want if we were traveling to the country for the first time.

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Small group tour to Cuba with El Camino Travel Day 1

ARRIVE: At any time to Havana, Cuba’s bustling epicenter of creativity, history and passion.

EVENING: Get to know other travelers over a private performance from a vivacious local band with a setlist of traditional Salsa tunes and contemporary Reggaeton beats. Take in the unforgettable Cuban sunset while sipping mojitos at a tucked away bar operated from a local’s rooftop. Then, enjoy a family style Cuban meal from the hidden back room of one of our favorite hole-in-the-wall paladares (restaurant operated within a private residence).

Meals included: Welcome Drinks + Dinner

Small group tour to Cuba with El Camino Travel Day 2

MORNING: Cruise Havana in style as you ride through the city, top-down, in an old-school convertible. Feast your eyes on Havana’s extraordinary color palette and architectural design as you marvel at the whimsical cityscape that surrounds you. Feel the wind through your hair and the salt on your skin as you drive along the parameter of the Malecón, the island’s picturesque seawall that comes alive at sunset.

AFTERNOON: Have lunch at one of Havana’s up and coming restaurants working to preserve Cuba’s culinary traditions. Then, uncover Havana’s majestic allure as you take a guided walking tour of Centro Habana that will take you through private residences and architectural marvels alike. End the tour with an energetic surprise that will be sure to have you on your feet.

EVENING: Wander Havana's modern and multi-purpose cultural art factory while viewing varied exhibits ranging from flat canvas to live performance. Then, sit down for a bite at the gallery's exclusive restaurant that offers a wide range of multicultural dishes. Finish the night off with VIP access to the venue’s dance space and let loose with your new travel companions.

Meals included: Breakfast

Small group tour to Cuba with El Camino Travel Day 3

MORNING: Get out of the city and adventure into el campo (the countryside) of Cuba. Enjoy a scenic ride through rural Cuba as you make your way into tobacco country.

AFTERNOON: Arrive at a small, family-operated farm for a traditional Cuban pig roast with a scenic view. Then, get a lesson in Cuba's most lucrative form of agriculture, tobacco, as you learn everything from tending to the crops to learning how to properly smoke the end product. Close out the day with a ride through the farmland on an ox drawn carriage, complete with conversation and coffee with abuelita.

EVENING: Free night to get to know Havana’s more sultry side that comes alive in the nighttime. Refer to your highly curated Travel Guide for our top recommendations of where to eat, drink, and dance once the sun goes down.

Meals included: Breakfast + Lunch

Small group tour to Cuba with El Camino Travel Day 4

MORNING: Wake up your muscles with a morning Salsa lesson that will surely get you feeling that Latin flavor. Get your feet stepping to an eight-count rhythm that will have you dancing Salsa like a Cubano in no time.

AFTERNOON: Have lunch at another Cuban hotspot that is putting their culinary prowess on the map. Then, meet up with a local guide for a walking tour through Old Habana to gain deeper insight into the everyday lives of Cubans. What is it like to live under a socialist regime? What does it mean to have a ration card? How did the country and different generations react when Fidel died? Answer all these questions and more.

EVENING: Celebrate time well spent with your new friends at a memorable dinner venue along the waterfront. Then, test your new moves at one of Havana’s hottest Salsa clubs and step and twirl alongside some of Havana’s most talented dancers.

Meals included: Breakfast

Small group tour to Cuba with El Camino Travel Day 5

DEPART: From Havana International Airport at any time. Return home inspired by the nation’s dogged perseverance and infectious spirit that resounds proudly across the island.

Meals included: Breakfast


* A quick note on the meals marked with an asterisk. We will arrange all restaurant reservations to make sure you get a seat at some of the best culinary spots in town, but we have found in our experience that travelers receive better food and better service when it is not included in a pre-paid tour package. However, you will be able to order from the menu and eat what you want, free from pre-fix meal constraints.