“I had been dreaming of going to Cuba for a number of years. But I kept coming up against obstacles when planning (mainly just a general lack of info available) that it seemed a little too overwhelming for me to ever pull the trigger and get myself there. And I'm an experienced traveler who has traveled to many dozens of countries based on her own research! I had already been following El Camino on Instagram when I saw a post that they had just launched trips to Cuba. I'm pretty sure I booked that day. I was on the inaugural trip to Cuba with El Camino and it is absolutely one of the top travel experiences of my life so far. Just as all these other reviewers are saying, their planning is unparalleled. The experiences, the other travelers, the locals, the guides, the food. I am so grateful to Katalina and her whole crew for allowing me to experience Cuba so authentically and in the company of others likeminded travelers. I've told my entire friend group about El Camino since my trip to Cuba and I can't wait to book my next trip with them! 100000% would recommend to anyone interested.”

-Susannah Sachdeva

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