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CUBA private trips


We decided to offer private trips to Cuba because we were getting requests from prospective travelers to help them plan their trips. They wanted to travel “the El Camino way” but didn’t fit within the boundaries of our Small Group Trips. Some were traveling with children, while others had specific dates of travel that didn’t align with ours. Whatever the reason, we understood that Private Trips were needed to close the gap. 

While we are committed to the beauty of traveling with a group, at the end of the day our mission is to bring more people to places that are less accessible. With all of the uncertainty and doubt circulating around legal travel to Cuba, we recognized the opportunity to step up to the plate and provide a solution.

By helping travelers find their way to Cuba we can continue to strengthen the local economy and help dissolve negative stereotypes. We are proud to share Cuba's rich culture with you by taking you to the kind of places that and instill a sense of wonder and awe. We have years of experience under our belts curating the best of the best under-the-radar experiences, all the while with a commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism. 

We’ve done the hard work for you: We’ve sifted through the clutter, we’ve tested the experiences, walked the streets and sampled the meals. All this so that we can say with the utmost confidence and sincerity: You are going to love this experience.






Below is our selection of Cuba Private Trip set itineraries that you can book for any date of your choosing. Every itinerary has been designed by our Latin American founder, Katalina Mayorga, who passionately sources new experiences with her finger on the pulse of the emerging creative scene. Accommodations will be customized based on budget and interest, and all travelers will be provided with a hand selected list of restaurants, shopping and night-life recommendations direct from Katalina. 


Please note that the experiences listed cannot be changed. We have worked really hard to curate what we think shows off the best of the cities that you’ll be visiting. This is also how we are able to maintain accessible costs for such a highly curated experience.

The Bottom Line: We make it easy for you to have an unforgettable trip without having to spend countless hours sifting through TripAdvisor and the like. You can expect the same calibur of experiences and attention to detail that we have become known for in our classic, Small Group Trips.

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Since the loosening of restrictions imposed by the long enforced US - Cuba travel embargo, Havana has quickly become one of the most highly coveted destinations for travel. Spend a few hours wandering Havana's pastel colors splashed along its ornate architecture and it's easy to see why. Just 90 miles from the US coast, Cuba is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Fall in love with its soulful sounds, robust tastes and welcoming people that are the heart of this great nation.






For those looking for a more diverse perspective of Cuba, consider this itinerary. This option still offers a heavy dose of Havana's magnetic charm, but also takes travelers 2-hours west of the nation's capital into rural Cuba. Enjoy a full day in the countryside, immersing yourself in Cuba's celebrated tobacco culture immediately following a traditional countryside lunch. Head back into the city of Havana to finish off the tour with a more well-rounded understanding of an alternative Cuban lifestyle.




Fair warning, you are going to see the phrase "highly curated" over and over again. We just REALLY want you to know that we are keeping tabs on everything that is hip, interesting, and up and coming in our Cuban destinations. A lot of our recommendations cannot be found in any of the travel round ups or the most prestigious media outlets. Katalina works closely with a network of local tastemakers to stay ahead of them and thus, so do you.



  • Ensure that your final itinerary is compliant with US law under the "Support for the Cuban People" permitted reason for travel.

  • Highly curated selection of accommodations for every destination

  • Private transport to and from airports

  • Private transport for all activities

  • Immersive travel experiences led by charismatic local hosts

  • Restaurant selections from a highly curated list of locations

  • Highly curated list for shopping and night life experiences

  • A frequently updated Cuba Travel Guide including additional information and fun resources to get excited and prepared for your upcoming adventure





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