Getting a group of friends together to travel is a pain – the timing for finances, time off from work, can be a headache. Traveling solo, while empowering, can also be a bit intimidating – especially when you don't speak the language and aren't really sure of where to go. Enter El Camino.

I never would have considered Nicaragua (in 2016), but now? Sign me up for Central America! As my first trip with El Camino this was such an awesome experience. A friend joined and we spent equal time with each other as well as with an amazing set of travelers. The beauty, the activities, the food, the people (the locals, organizations we met & the other travelers)...all exceptional! So exceptional in fact, that I signed up again this year for their last Trinidad and Tobago trip. It did not disappoint. Seriously, they're hitting it out of the park every time. I'm a total advocate for this group and have signed up for next year's Colombia trip :)

El Camino is the answer to fun, inspiring travel without the hassle of planning (if you're not into logistics). It doesn't hurt that they employ talented photographers to capture all the memories you'll make (AND have an inspiring social mission).

Jackie H

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I can't give a big enough shout-out to Katalina Mayorga and El Camino Travel for our amazing trip to Nicaragua!! If anyone is thinking of heading to Central/South America in '18, please check them out. These ladies are taking your conventional idea of "travel" and flipping it on its ear; as much of a cultural/educational adventure as a vacation and an opportunity to meet and connect with great people. Huge thanks also to Alberto Cruz for showing us your beautiful country and to our talented photographer John Philip Thompson for capturing the memories.

Chris Andrews

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I have had the opportunity to travel to 3 amazing locations (Nicaragua, Colombia, and Cuba) with the absolutely best travel company around. I wouldn't really consider it a typical travel company but an experience architect group. Every trip is truly unique and filled with an awesome mixture of authentic cultural immersion, exploration and fun. The other people that join you on the trip add to the extraordinary enjoyment. Katalina, the founder, has assembled one of the best teams to lead you through this expedition. If you are lucky enough she might even join in the excursion and she is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. I recommend to everyone to go on one of the trips. It will be the absolutely best time of your life and you will come back with new experiences, friends, and a bunch of truly remarkable photos from the best photographers that document the journey. Hands down the best tips I have ever been on.

Spencer Trochterman

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Having traveled once with El Camino, I am now sad that they can't take me everywhere I go always. I don't think I could have appreciated the level of planning detail the El Camino team puts into their trips until I was in country enjoying all of the thoughtful experiences they had put together for us. I am normally wary of group travel (because personalities), but the kinds of travelers who flock to El Camino are decidedly our people. In fact, the trip itself was such a joy that sometimes I forget the original reason we signed up was to have beautiful photos of the experience after the fact; that is until, I realize I can share our trip with friends and family at the click of a button. In short: rarely a month or two goes by that my husband and I don't think wistfully of our El Camino trip and wonder when we'll get to go back again.

Maddie Eisenhart

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I had been looking for a group travel option and was only finding two very opposing ends of the spectrum.. "party on a yacht in Mykonos" or "sit on a stop & go bus with a bunch of sweet retirees".. neither of which fit what I was looking for.

Then I stumbled upon El Camino on Instagram. "Who is this person which such amazing photos!?" I asked myself. And within the hour I'd booked myself a spot on the Nicaragua trip!

Today I can say I've had the chance to go on three El Camino trips (Nicaragua, Cuba, and a one-time volunteer trip to Greece) and I cannot recommend them more highly. Pre-trip you'll be worry free because everything is planned for you and you'll be sent any details you need in advance. And the entire trip is thoughtfully curated and planned to ethically support the local tourism industry (small businesses, B&Bs, etc.) On the trip you can enjoy the moment and not preemptively worry about the memories because there's a photographer to snap photos. You'll meet inspirational fellow travelers and locals (I'm still in touch with many of the people I met on trips), go on adventures you'd never discover on your own, and come home to a file full of pictures so you can immediately pretend you are still on vacation as you flip through them.

Highly highly recommend!!

Becky Wadell

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