I had been looking for a group travel option and was only finding two very opposing ends of the spectrum.. "party on a yacht in Mykonos" or "sit on a stop & go bus with a bunch of sweet retirees".. neither of which fit what I was looking for.

Then I stumbled upon El Camino on Instagram. "Who is this person which such amazing photos!?" I asked myself. And within the hour I'd booked myself a spot on the Nicaragua trip!

Today I can say I've had the chance to go on three El Camino trips (Nicaragua, Cuba, and a one-time volunteer trip to Greece) and I cannot recommend them more highly. Pre-trip you'll be worry free because everything is planned for you and you'll be sent any details you need in advance. And the entire trip is thoughtfully curated and planned to ethically support the local tourism industry (small businesses, B&Bs, etc.) On the trip you can enjoy the moment and not preemptively worry about the memories because there's a photographer to snap photos. You'll meet inspirational fellow travelers and locals (I'm still in touch with many of the people I met on trips), go on adventures you'd never discover on your own, and come home to a file full of pictures so you can immediately pretend you are still on vacation as you flip through them.

Highly highly recommend!!

— Becky Waddell