When arriving in Trinidad and Tobago with El Camino, it was like landing in a dream and witnessing the best kept secret. Beyond the unbelievably stunning surroundings of mango trees, wild hummingbirds, and clear blue waters, El Camino provided the most unique and fluid experience. Wherever we stayed, it was off the beaten path, and the genuine warmth from every local was overwhelming in the best way. Our days consisted of beautifully curated itineraries; everything from boating to a private beach where lunch was prepared, to hiking through the jungle to a giant waterfall. We explored local markets, took a cooking class, and saw giant leatherback turtles nesting on the beach in front of our hotel. Our entire crew came together effortlessly and I felt like El Camino didn't skip a beat when it came to showing off everything the culture had to offer. To feel like a authentic traveler and indulge in the unexpected makes me feel like I lived this week in paradise to the absolute fullest.

Arielle V.