Over the years, I've learned that commercial tours, and prepackaged trips never appealed to me. I crave authentic, off the beaten path experiences, which is why I've always opted for solo travel. As rewarding as it is to be a solo female traveler, I had to confront the trade-offs and limitations of traveling on my own. My trip to Trinidad and Tobago with El Camino, however, made me reconsider. Thanks to El Camino, I no longer had to choose between authentic experiences, and the benefits of traveling with a group - I could have both! When I signed up, the primary appeal was that it saved me hours and hours of research and trip planning that would have taken me weeks to prepare on my own. I was nervous about traveling with a group, but I connected with the others in the group in a way that exceed any and all expectations! I couldn't have asked for a better group, or trip leader. Also, have you seen the pictures?! I knew having a photographer would be an extra perk, but Emma's talent was more than anything I could ask for. There is something to say about her ability to capture moments that shared the authentic feel of the country and culture while capturing the individuality of the personalities on the trip. Let me repeat, have you seen the pictures?!

Vanessa S.