Allow Us to Change Your Perception on Traveling With a Group


small group trips


Large crowds listlessly following an overworked guide? This is not the El Camino way. Our Small Group Trips are for those who want to remain independent while reaping the rewards of being part of a group. Our community is full of adventurous solo-travelers turned group-travel-advocates. We used to be hesitant about group travel, too, but we’ve seen firsthand how special these group trips can be—and we’re never looking back.

By joining a small group of inherently curious travelers, you’ll enter into a space where connections are sparked, formed and set within the vibrancy of the destination. Together you’ll step into the unknown, be pushed outside your comfort zones and bond over those spontaneously memorable moments that will inevitably arise.




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At the top of the world is where you will find world-class design, gastronomy, and textiles alongside some of the most beautiful landscapes and thriving ancient traditions. Bolivia offers tantalizing sensory experiences in a land of contrast; where the old meets the modern through creative and playful experimentation; always paving the way for the future while paying homage to its roots. Climb mountains and traverse the Bolivian highland deserts dotted with colorful lagoons, flamingos, and unforgettable scenery to witness sheer freedom in the creative spirit.




We know it’s not fair to choose favorites, but Colombia was how it all got started. Our Colombian-American Founder has spent her whole life hopping back and forth between Colombia and in the United States, and even lives in Medellin today. We live and breath this vibrant country and we want you to experience it as we do.




Cuba has been but a dream for many, a reality for few. One of our goals here at El Camino Travel is to bring our travelers to destinations that may appear unattainable. Cuba certainly fits the bill and we are proud to have found a way to get you there. There is so much love about this island nation: great music, welcoming people, delicious food and all the mojitos you could ever dream of. All this and more is waiting for you in Cuba.




We’re taking a hard turn off of the typical Latin American tourist highway and heading straight to the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua. If private islands, catamarans, sun, sea and sand are just your speed, then Nicaragua is the trip for you. We’ve found the perfect balance between exploring the city and relaxing in the sun, all while staying at some of the absolute best accommodations available in this country that we have completely fallen in love with. Put your tourist dollars to good use and make a difference as we team up with some local change-makers. There’s so much to discover here, allow us to lead the way. 

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We don’t throw the term “once-in-a-lifetime-experience” around lightly. But no joke, this trip is full of them. Do you dream of visiting a place nearly completely devoid of other tourists? One with a rich and unique culture? With more natural wonders than you can fathom? Do you strive to take the kind of vacation which requires a different swimsuit for each day of the week? If you are not quite sure what Trinidad and Tobago is all about, don’t worry, just click below to learn more. Fair warning, be ready to book once you read this itinerary because it really is *that good*.