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Arrive: Touch down in the world’s highest capital city, La Paz, standing eye to eye and toe to toe with the Great Illimani, the Pearl of the Andes. Take a few deep breaths, acclimate and relax at the rooftop bar and pool of the five-star, Atix Hotel, your home for the next few days. This stunning hotel is officially classified as a Design Hotel, a prestigious affiliation recognized around the world for a high standard of service, attention to detail, and of course, style. “Bearing the torch for design-led luxury in La Paz, Atix is a showcase for Bolivian culture, art, and gastronomy” - Design Hotels 

Evening: On tonight’s menu is a multiple course, vegetable based, gastronomic experience that takes sustainability to international award-winning style and taste, matched by the colorful beauty that only Bolivian ingredients can offer.

Meals Included: Dinner



Morning: After breakfast, we’re off to ride the Teleferico, La Paz’s public transit system. This world-famous cable car has reclaimed the word “commute” with its beauty, ease, and efficiency. Take in the views of the city skyline below, stretched over the glacier-capped mountains. When we arrive in El Alto, the sister-city to La Paz, we’ll embark on a journey to visit some of Bolivia’s newest and most creative contributions to the international architecture scene; Cholets, designed by the one and only, Freddy Mamani. Cholets are endemically, and whole-heartedly Bolivian where ancient Aymaran design meet modern materials and scale. Freddy is known for pushing the boundaries of architecture and his style of Cholet, draw the eye inward, leaving you mesmerized by opulence and whimsical color schemes.

Afternoon: Bowler hats, decorative skirts, colorful shawls and wrestling. Join us for an afternoon with the ladies of Bolivia known as, “Cholita Luchadoras”. Allow us to introduce you to the unmistakable style and no-holds-barred strength of these honorable women. We’ll have a unique opportunity to sample their food and cheer them on at Cholita Lucha Libre. The Cholita Luchadoras work to elevate the status of indigenous women through ultimate showmanship, featuring high flying acrobatics and feats of strength. Pick a champion, or all of them, and follow them as they lead us to victory.

Evening: After Lucha Libre, the evening and night are yours. Relax, go out, or buy a onesie and practice the jaw dropping moves you saw at the ring (just be safe!). And, of course, your local host is always available to point you in the right direction. 

Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks at Lucha Libre



Morning: Strap on your walking shoes and get ready for our friends to walk you through some of La Paz’s most interesting nooks and crannies. Mysteries and a stunning array of cultural contrasts await as we navigate our way through the backstreets of La Paz, where we’ll indulge all of our senses in food, textiles, and yes, maybe even a potion or two.

Afternoon: Bolivia’s gastronomy scene offers something completely new to first timers due to its strong indigenous roots, endemic ingredients, and contemporary status that wields a license to experiment. As we continue down the gastronomy path today, we’ll be stopping for lunch at one of the cities most famous watering holes for food and COFFEE. Bolivia, thanks to its altitude, is becoming a fast learner in producing high-quality coffee. They have even begun to compete on the world’s stage against coffee powerhouses like Colombia and Indonesia. The venue sprawls through a beautiful colonial building, doubling as a co-working space to fuel that entrepreneurial fire. Find a seat and take advantage of the collaborative atmosphere as you discuss goals and plans with your new friends. 

The Rest of the Day: The rest of the day and evening are yours. If your thinking caps have been fired up and you’re feeling prolific, you’ll be in no rush to leave. Enjoy the space, brainstorm, and plan your next move. If something along the walk caught your eye (we know something will), head back and shop the afternoon away, or chill poolside—the day is yours. We’ll be getting up bright and early in the morning for our next destination, so use it wisely and as you see fit. As always, tap your local host for info and inspiration.

Meals Included: Breakfast and lunch



Morning: We’ll rise bright and early to hop on a quick flight to the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. Sometimes, we describe places as beautiful based on what it can visually offer, but in the case of the Salar, less is more. In all directions, blue sky meets glistening, snow-white salt crystals. It’s a place that Pachamama left untouched to challenge the limitations of our imaginations. The land is as beautiful as it is barren—leaving behind rusting trains—yet still manages to surprise us with signs of resilient life.

Afternoon: In the middle of the blue and white canvass, our group will enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch with no other tourists around. We will feel like we have the whole Salar (and perhaps the world) to ourselves! After lunch, we’ll continue through the Salar until the blue and white change into pinks, oranges, rose, deep wine reds, and oceanic blues. We found the perfect spot to watch the sunset, for an unforgettable happy hour featuring Bolivian cheeses and wines. From here, we’ll return to our hotel, where we’ll marvel at its bricks and columns—all made from salt. 

Evening: The sun gives way to the night sky full of countless, twinkling stars across the lilac tone of the Milky Way. After dinner at the hotel, prepare for a guided viewing of the shimmering, Southern sky.

Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner



Morning: After breakfast, we’ll safari into the southern Altiplano, a place rich with volcanoes and highland deserts. Pink flocks of flamingos wander freely here, vicunas run wild, and viscachas hop curiously along the open terrain. With any luck, we’ll spot the elusive culpeo, or “Andean fox” as we walk along lagoon shores that nourish the wildlife and reflect majestic, white-capped mountains in the background.

Afternoon: We’ll break bread along crimson colored waters of the Red Lagoon. After lunch we’ll continue through the dune-painted Siloli desert to witness the artistry, patience, and power of the wind, leading us to the Stone Tree. From there, we venture to our new hotel for the evening, tucked away and carved into the rock formations themselves.

Evening: Dinner will be served after a nice shower, and the evening is yours to do as you please. Star-gaze, and hang out in the cozy rock-walled lounges of the hotel.

Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner



Morning: After breakfast, our safari ventures south by south-west through the Dali desert, a dreamlike desert named after world-renowned, surrealist painter Salvador Dali. Here, we’ll navigate and wander our way through an unworldly landscape dotted with geothermal geysers. 

Afternoon: The view at lunch is spectacular, but made even better from a relaxing vantage point as we dip into a hot, thermally-heated spring. The water is hot, but the wind cool on the skin along the platinum shores of the emerald green waters of the Green Lagoon, at the base of the Licancabur volcano. This is a sacred place to the Atacameno people of the desert, and the mysterious site of unknown prehistoric people who used Licancabur as a watchtower.

Evening: We’ll head to our hotel for the evening in the heart of the small, trading town of Uyuni. The evening is yours to walk amongst the desert town and explore its mysteries. Tap your local host for recommendations. 

Meals Included: Breakfast and lunch




Morning: The caravan through timeless landscapes ends as we return to La Paz. After our very short flight, we’ll venture to a local textile market to continue exploring the striking colors of Bolivia. This will be your chance to pick up the famed frazadas or mantas. After the market, we’ll explore the deeply spiritual side of Bolivia. While western perceptions of “health” deal primarily with diet, physical exercise, and a growing awareness for personal mental health; Yatiris are indigenous, community healers, who define “health” as the strength of our relationships with our ancestors, current communities, and nature. From this nuanced yet profound difference in interpretation, a Yatiri will lead us through a short ceremony to shed light on each of our individual roles in improving and maintaining our collective health to take back home.

Afternoon: After the vibrant markets and Yatiri ceremony, we’ll enjoy salteñas, or Bolivian-style empanadas. What’s the difference, you might ask? Well, Bolivian salteñas have a crispy exterior and an almost soupy or stew-like interior. It’s a cross between a deep fried chicken pot pie and Chinese soup dumpling… yum. The rest of the afternoon is yours until dinner.

Evening: For our last meal together, we’ve arranged a real treat. Tonight, our gastronomical experience is set at none other than the internationally acclaimed Gustu voted one of the “50 Best Restaurants in Latin America” in 2017. Known for its creativity, modern experimentation, incredible melding of indigenous-inspired flavors and presentation, Gustu has also become a model for the industry itself, being lauded for its educational facets and sustainable practices that aim to have direct, positive impact on the communities it interacts with. There’s no better way to end the week than enjoying food and wine pairings at a world-class restaurant, recollecting the past week while forging new adventures with your new found friends.

Meals included: Breakfast, snacks at market, and dinner



Depart from La Paz, returning home with new-found energy and insight from your days bridging the gap between modernity, and ancient, unconquerable tradition.

Meals included: Breakfast