We’re not going to sugar coat it: these last few years have been pretty damn draining. We sure feel it, and we bet you do, too. Which is exactly why we’ve created this retreat—to give you an opportunity to escape from your day to day and take some time to nourish your soul.

While on the road we have heard many travelers in our community describe being afflicted by something that can only be described as outrage fatigue. Perhaps you feel it too and you’ve been looking for the perfect way to describe these feelings of shock and horror mixed with sheer exhaustion from everything unfolding in the world. How angry can one possible get? Well, the last few years has proven that our outrage has no limits.

We wanted to do something special for our community to address this feeling head on, and give you a chance to press the reset button. El Camino has always been about more than travel.

We’re about making connections and making a difference. We’re about forging through the tough times and coming out the other end a better person. We all deserve a moment to escape from these overwhelming forces and appreciate what is good in the world. What’s good in our world? Getting together with you, our people, in this magical place that is bursting with natural beauty and serenity.

In true El Camino form, we have created an itinerary that finds a balance between relaxation and adventure. We’ve selected extraordinary experiences that harness the power of the group dynamic that would be difficult to do with only a few people. But this trip has an important and meaningful twist: it was designed to incorporate intentional moments of gratitude, reflection and grounding as we seek out a source of healing and connection through the landscape that surrounds us. We’ll do these things together, as a community of travelers—not as individuals but as a whole.


When scouting destinations, we knew immediately that the Tayrona Region of Colombia was the perfect place for this type of retreat. We have always been struck by the calming forces of this magical place. Maybe it is the four indigenous villages that serve as  the caretakers of this part of Colombia, or the sacred waterfalls surrounded by tranquil jungles. Whatever it is, this is the one place we have come back to time and time again to realign ourselves with what’s most important.

Venture to a coastline unlike any other in the world; Gitana del Mar Beach Resort which is nestled between the oldest colonial town in South America—Santa Marta—and the deserts of Guajira. It’s where the Sierra Nevada Mountains plunge into the Caribbean Sea, creating surreal and cerulean views of tropical lagoons at the base of snow-capped mountains.

Surround yourself in the endemic wildlife, which creates a bewildering array of colors. The fruit is ripe, the food is fresh and prepared with all the passion that only a few hundred years of tradition could provide.

Connect with fellow travelers and new friends over poolside chats, beachside yoga, floating down calm rivers, snorkeling in crystal clear waters, BBQs under star-lit skies, and visiting one of Colombia’s most majestic landscapes—Tayrona National Park. We’ll have plenty of free time to relax in whatever way suits us best, but we’ve also set aside some time each day to participate in uplifting exercises that tap into themes of gratitude, connection and vulnerability.



FROM $1600-$1850 (40% deposit due up front-SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS)



AUGUST 23-27



Tayrona Region & TAYRONA PARK





Step off the jetway and onto the warm, Caribbean sands at Gitana del Mar, a stunning boutique hotel in tropical Tayrona Region of Colombia where snow capped mountains stand guard over crystal clear blue waters. Take a moment to appreciate the tough decisions of the day: How far can I walk along the secluded shores? How much time spent in the pool is too much time spent in the pool? Which hat goes best with this swimsuit?

If anyone has ever told you to never wear white to a BBQ, ignore the naysayers. Definitely come dressed in your Sunday Costena* (best) to our traditional beach Parrilla (BBQ) where light, white linens are the dress of choice. Get to know your fellow travelers as we set intentions for this trip and grill up the fresh catch of the day plus some of the world’s juiciest pineapples, Costena Colombiana style. Come hungry—the catch is ginormous and will surely tide us over until the sun sets. As the moon rises so does the volume. We’ll spend the night dancing barefoot to the tunes of Champeta, Salsa, Cumbia, and, of course, Reggaeton. *Costena is the name for anything cultural dealing with traditions from the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

Meals included: lunch and dinner


day two

Greet the dawn with a morning session of beachside yoga  to center yourself and prepare your intentions for the day. No music is needed as you’ll be privy to nature’s best soundtrack: the crashing ocean waves, providing the hypnotic rhythms needed to turn your focus inward.

After breakfast, grab your swimsuit, sunscreen, and the most widely-brimmed hat you can find for a short hike to a jungle river. Hop into your innertube and prepare for total relaxation as your float down this gentle river, rollin’ 20-deep with your new travel crew. Observe the endemic wildlife (monkeys are the easiest to spot), and end nature’s ride on an isolated, wild beach where the delta caresses the Caribbean sea. EL CAMINO PROTIP: You will probably pass the occasional local fisherman or member of an indigenous community who use this river on a daily basis. Always say “hola” to them—you’re likely to receive a smile and an “hola” back!

We’ll have the rest of the afternoon to relax in whatever way you please (we highly recommend a massage from our favorite Anita), before we come together right before dinner to participate in a short exercise that taps into the themes of community, connection, and vulnerability.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner



The choice is yours: get up with the sun and partake in a comunal gratitude session, or sleep in and recharge for the day’s big adventure. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to explore one of Colombia’s most majestic landscapes—Tayrona National Park—where the Sierra Nevada Mountains barge their way into the Caribbean Sea, creating the highest coastal mountain in the world. What do you get when tall mountains crash into the sea?

Crystal clear water, immense biodiversity, lagoons, and colors you didn’t know your eyes could register. We’ll be whisked away by a private boat to visit majestic waters (which are perfect for snorkeling), admire quiet beaches and experience a wilderness so wild that it will make you completely forget about your worries back home. You won’t find this nautical adventure in any guidebooks. (We’ve said too much already).

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner



By now, you’re more concerned about syncing with nature and less about syncing your phone. Rise with the sun and head to the beach for another beachside yoga session to prepare for a day of spiritual healing. There’s a memorable day ahead, full of cultural, natural and spiritual significance, so take this time to get into the right headspace. Does this sound too woo woo for you? Remember: you are in a sacred region of Colombia. A region which is revered as the heart of the world by four local indigenous communities because of the immense biodiversity that surrounds them. In order to fully immerse yourself in the local culture, we ask that you be open to today’s itinerary, while welcoming challenges and exercising thoughtfulness.

After breakfast we will head out for a late morning hike to a sacred waterfall and its accompanying swimming holes. long adored by the Kogui Mamo, one of the local indigenous groups. The sanctity here is real. Our local guide will walk us through an offering ceremony to Mother Earth and her spirits, giving us permission to bathe under the serene waterfall. We will wrap up the day which was spent in such an exceptional place, by participating in a truly special event all together. A member of the Kogui community has agreed to lead us in a cleansing ceremony where we will learn that what has been taken from Pachamama (Mother Earth) must be given back. We will leave nothing behind but the promise of paying it forward.

We will wrap up the evening with a surprise and unique activity that will allow us to deeply reflect on our journey individually and together as a community these past few days.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner


There’s no need for sad goodbyes. We will partake in one more gratitude session before we head our separate ways. Take everything from this time together with you, knowing that your actions inspired by the trip were felt and shared by all. Take your new-found energy and friends as you welcome and succeed in whatever is next for you.

Meals included: breakfast




TRIP details



Your know exactly who you are. But for real…This retreat is for the individual who reaaaaaaaally needs some time to disconnect from the outside world for a bit, intentionally integrate daily practices of gratitude, heal from whatever you need to heal from, and are seeking a restorative vacation of sorts. Simply put: you are eager to create genuine connections and bonds with other travelers who actually give a damn.

No divas/divos, no drama. This is all about supporting our community and each other in whatever way that may be while getting to explore a part of the world that is still very much under the radar. Very few people have truly experienced this place which is one of the many reasons that we are so excited to bring you here.

This is the El Camino way. We have spent many-a-week roaming the shores of this sacred part of the world, so in true El Camino form, we have created an itinerary that finds a balance between relaxation and adventure. We’ve selected extraordinary experiences that take advantage and harness the power of the group dynamic which would be much harder to do with only a few people.

And in even truer El Camino form, this trip is not simply about having an experience, it is about creating community through a shared experience.


Host + Group Photographer

We have a roster of well qualified hosts and creative photographers that we work with. Prior to your trip, you will receive a welcome packet that will inform you on who will be guiding and documenting your adventure.



We will call the stunning Gitana del Mar Beach Resort home for the next five days. It will be our place of refuge where we will do some serious nourishing of the soul as a group. Gitana is made up of eco-chic bungalows and glamping tents. Below are the rooms you can choose from.

SHARED 2 PERSON BUNGALOW WITH PRIVATE BATHROOM: Eco-friendly and beautifully designed rooms that offer private outdoor showers and fans within a tropical aesthetic. Each room has WiFi, bathroom amenities and daily cleaning service.

  • This is priced at $1850 a person.

  • A deposit of $740 (40% of the total price) is needed to reserve your spot.

  • This option is now SOLD OUT.

SHARED 3 PERSON BUNGALOW WITH PRIVATE BATHROOM: Eco-friendly and beautifully designed rooms that offer private outdoor showers and fans within a tropical aesthetic. Each room has WiFi, bathroom amenities and daily cleaning service.

  • This is priced at $1750 a person.

  • A deposit of $700 (40% of the total price) is needed to reserve your spot.

  • This option is now SOLD OUT.

SHARED 3 PERSON GLAMPING TENT WITH SHARED BATHROOM: The large Luxury Glamping Tents are completely set apart from the other Bungalows and nestled under mango and palm trees. These 20 square meter tents (215sqft) offer privacy, jungle views and their own wooden deck. They have access to shared bathrooms (4 bathrooms, 4 showers).

  • This is priced at $1600 a person.

  • A deposit of $640 (40% of the total price) is needed to reserve your spot.

  • There are 2 spots still available (out of 6).

Every day, we will indulge in a fresh menu that fuses healthy ingredients straight from their garden in a coastal themed, fusion-style menu mixing Colombian, Mediterranean and Asian flavors. In addition to local and regional fish and seafood, Gitana’s rotating menu features unique chicken, meat, vegetarian and vegan offerings.


Pricing & Payment

There are three pricing options for this retreat:

  • $1850 a person for a shared 2 person bungalow with private bathroom. A deposit of $740 (40% of the total price) is needed to reserve your spot.

  • $1750 a person for a shared 3 person bungalow with private bathroom. A deposit of $700 (40% of the total price) is needed to reserve your spot.

  • $1600 a person for a shared 3 person glamping tent with shared bathroom. A deposit of $640 (40% of the total price) is needed to reserve your spot.

Please note that there are limited spots available for each and it is first come, first served. To guarantee your reservation, you can pay your deposit by clicking here. A non-refundable 40% deposit is due at the time of booking. Final payment is due no later than 25 days prior to departure. Payments must be made by credit card. Please read our BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS for more information about our cancellation policy.


What’s included



  • Group Photographer

  • 30 Edited images a day of the group + an additional batch of images 3 Weeks after the trip ends

  • Acommodations

  • Transportation to and from the airport

  • All meals

  • Activities as mentioned above

  • Tips for drivers and activity hosts

Not Included

  • Airfare in and out of the country

  • Mandatory Travel Insurance

  • Incidental Expenses (extra snacks, spa treatments, or additional yoga classes that are not noted)

  • Alcohol except where noted

  • Tips for photographer and local host



Extend your stay in Colombia with our new Cartagena add-on.

You asked, we listened.

Now offering the Cartagena 4 day add-on. Enhance your time in Colombia this August by extending your stay, El Camino style. Pricing for this new offer is $825 per person and includes everything listed below including accommodation.

This 4 day add-on integrates all that you already love about traveling with El Camino, plus some fresh new experiences that you haven't seen before.

Day 1

We’ll depart Gitana del Mar together feeling recharged and ready to begin our next adventure. Arriving in Cartagena that afternoon, we’ll have some time to get settled in our centrally located boutique 3-star accommodations before enjoying a multi-course Caribbean feast together at the renowned restaurant of a duo of innovative chefs who are rising stars in the Latin America culinary scene.

Meals included: dinner

Experiences included: private transport from Gitana del Mar to your hotel in Cartagena

Day 2

Grab your walking shoes and your appetite for a tour of Bazurto Market. You’ll find everything but tourists here. While touring the market we’ll shop for local ingredients to use at our next activity. Impress your friends back home with the new techniques that you’ll discover at this traditional cooking class. Learn how to prepare an authentic Colombian Caribbean meal.

Meals included: breakfast and lunch

Experiences included: market tour and cooking class

Day 3

Spend your morning learning the Colombian dance style of champeta. Native to the Cartagena area, this style of dance has taken the country by storm and will have you working up a sweat. By now, you’ll certainly be ready for an afternoon pick-me-up, so we’ve planned a unique molecular gastronomic coffee experience at the award-winning San Alberto cafe. Learn the secrets of Colombian coffee as you sip (and nibble) on some invigorating and creative takes on one of country’s most important exports— coffee caviar anyone?

Meals included: breakfast

Experiences included: dance class and coffee tasting

Day 4

Enjoy your last morning in this vibrant city before heading to the airport. Soak in every moment before saying ‘adios’ to this place fondly known as The Magic City.

Meals included: breakfast

Experiences included: transport to the airport from your hotel

Additional Notes

We will provide all travelers with a highly curated list of El Camino’s favorite places to eat, shop, play, and drink in Cartagena during your free time. It is what we consider the best of the best of the city. Please note that this part of the trip does not include a photographer.

Interested in adding more to your experience this August? Email us at for more details.





This music video by Bomba Estereo (PSA one of our favorite Colombian groups), was filmed in the Tayrona National Park area. Lots of drone action happening here to get a full perspective of this magical place.



Keep checking back. We will be adding more inspiration and resources over the coming months….


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