Because you want to remain independent but reap the benefits of being part of a group

You’re adventurous, you’re independent, you love to face the world on your own. Our unique spin on group travel is perfect for you. Our Small Group Trips allow for the kind of genuine travel moments that you simply could never get on your own, while encouraging you to create lasting ties between fellow travelers who are inherently curious, just like you.

Think back to all your favorite travel memories… we’ll bet many of those times were enhanced by the seemingly insignificant (yet ultimately powerful) moments shared between yourself and another traveler. That is the power of group travel. We’ve introduced an environment for solo travelers to explore freely within the camaraderie of a group, while forming lifelong bonds with stranger-turned-friends. Because what’s the use of an epic travel tale if you’ve got no one to laugh about it with years later?

We used to be hesitant about group travel too, but we’ve seen firsthand how it truly enhances the experience. Now it’s a core part of the El Camino Travel ethos.


Because you want to feel safe without skimping on the authenticity.

We get it: You want to have the most legitimately-awesome, off-the-beaten path adventure—to find yourself in those moments where you look up and suddenly realize that nothing around you even resembles anything from your life at home. We’re also experienced enough to know that finding these type of moments can sometimes put you in the middle of some sticky situations.

That’s where we come in. We’ve done the legwork for you so you don’t have to. More importantly, you’ll feel safe in the hands of our local guides and hosts (yes, they actually live there!). We trust these people, which means you can trust them, too. We trust them to keep you safe while also bringing you to the best of what each destination has to offer.


Because you want a truly local experience without having to pour hours into planning

Simply put: there’s no way you’d be able to plan this many immersive experiences on your own. Our Colombian-American Founder has spent her whole life hopping back and forth between Latin America and the United States, plus countless years spent scouting and testing these unique experiences, all with you in mind. We’re talking years worth of research here. Even the most skillful of planners would not be capable of bringing this level of highly curated experiences to the table. You’ll have the chance to benefit directly from this insider knowledge in each place we visit. You’ll feel like you’re coming home again to a place you’ve never been. All you have to do is sign up, book your flight and wait for the adventure to begin.


Because supporting local businesses and vendors is important to you

Perhaps this sounds obvious to you, but unfortunately that’s not the case for everyone. By working directly with local entrepreneurs and small businesses, we ensure that your tourism dollars go right back to the people who make the El Camino Travel experience what it is.

We are proud to be able to contribute to a thriving, sustainable local economy. Want to understand why we believe we can make a big  difference in the world through tourism? Read this blog post to learn what responsible and sustainable travel means to us.


Because you’re ready to renew your beliefs on travel and return home with a fresh perspective

If there’s one thing we know about travel its this: That travel will continue to amaze and inspire even the most experienced of voyagers. It’s just one (of many) reasons why we simply cannot get enough. Join us on one of our trips and we guarantee that you will return home a better  person. Are you ready to change your perspective on the world for the better? Let us help you get there. This is more than a vacation. This is a journey.




  1. You possess an adventurous spirit

2. You are filled with a deep love for discovering new countries


3. You are ready to embrace new cultures


4. You experience a sense of thrill and joy when stepping outside of your comfort zone


5. You are interested in making the world a better place through responsible and sustainable travel


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