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Travel Dates: November 2nd-10th, 2019. This trip is solely for self-identifying females.


Why Colombia?

If you haven’t noticed, Colombia is having a moment right now. In Cartagena, it’s all about that Caribbean joie-de-vivre: days spent sailing crystalline waters, nights spent shimmying to champeta music in the cobblestoned streets; and the backdrop, an impressive display of colonial architecture, is punctuated by street art and a healthy smattering of street vendors selling fresh fruit and warm arepas. In Medellín, residents have taken the reins back post-Escobar, and given the city the Brooklyn treatment: pour-over coffee shops roast locally grown beans, Colombian designers fill hip boutiques with clothing and wares you’ll want to check a bag for, and restaurants like El Cielo give fine dining that Latin oomph. Yet one thing remains consistent throughout the country: Colombians take pride in sharing their culture with anyone who visits.

Solo travel and safety are two of the biggest topics discussed in the Women Who Travel Facebook group, and we hope this trip will help travelers feel empowered about both. With experts like El Camino Travel leading the charge, we want female travelers to feel excited to hoof it through Colombia solo or with a friend—or two, or three—and meet other passionate travelers along the way.

Eager to learn more about Colombia? Here are a few stories to make you want to pick up your passport:

How is this trip different from El Camino’s other Colombia trips?

You may have heard of El Camino Travel before—maybe you’ve even traveled with them—and be wondering how this differs from other trips. The essence will reflect El Camino Travel’s values, but it will also be elevated, with the touch of Condé Nast Traveler’s editors: expect chic hotel stays, and new, handpicked experiences (and maybe even a few surprise visits from super travelers we know). And, most importantly, it will be a trip exclusively for self-identifying women.

Like all El Camino Trips, this one will be led by a local guide, Patty Panqueaba, with Amanda Villarosa as our photographer to document the whole thing. Unlike other trips, we’ll have a third host as well: Condé Nast Traveler editor, Megan Spurrell (you may have met her at one of the Women Who Travel meetups, or in the Facebook group). With these professional travelers at the helm, you’ll have three sources of knowledge on Colombia at your fingertips.

Who is this trip for?

This trip is for the traveler who has an adventurous spirit, who craves learning about—and immersing themselves in—the varied cultures of Colombia, while also supporting local communities through responsible tourism. It’s for the traveler who wants to make the most out of their valuable vacation days, by relying on trusted experts with local connections to bring them to the beating heart of a destination. This trip is for travelers who are open-minded, inherently curious, and enjoy indulging in the moment; for those who are looking to ditch their comfort zone at check-in.

This trip is also for a solo traveler who does not want to travel completely solo—or, for the oft-group traveler who doesn’t want to wait around for their friends or family to commit to a trip. With 15 other travelers, two hosts, and a photographer on board, there’s no such thing as “lonely” on this trip. Of course, you’re always welcome to opt out of group activities when you want a moment to yourself, and every traveler on-board is empowered to do so.

This trip, unlike other El Camino Travel trips, is exclusively for self-identifying females. Women Who Travel focuses on creating safe spaces for women, and this trip is intended to be an extension of that—a trip on which you can have the conversations and ask the questions you might not elsewhere.

A few things to keep in mind...
El Camino Travel provides a high level of customer service, and these itineraries are well thought through—however, it’s important that our travelers are easy-going, and amenable to change in the sometimes unpredictable landscape of Latin American travel. It’s important that guests booking this trip trust our guides, are prepared to roll with last-minute changes, and let us do our thing to make sure everyone heads home with a treasure trove of new friends, impactful moments, and the photos to remember it by.

On that note: We provide a photographer on this trip so that travelers can be present in the moment, rather than worry about capturing it. This photographer is tasked with photographing the experience of the group as a whole, and is not a personal photographer to individual travelers. While this is an important element that adds to the unique experience of El Camino trips, it is not the focus of the trip. Our travelers are more than excited to receive a set of photos each morning—but it’s a perk, not the purpose.


Please note that our stays are based on shared rooms. This allows us, among many things, to keep the cost of the trip accessible to as many women as possible, while also enabling us to stay at hotels we love most. It’s important that anyone booking this trip is comfortable with sharing a room. If you’re booking this trip with a friend, family member, or significant other, let us know and we’ll place you together. Traveling solo? No problem—we’ll be in touch before the trip to learn a bit about you and find the best fit for a roommate. We will make it a priority to best situate you, and are happy to chat more in-depth if you have any questions or concerns about this.

Pricing & Payment

The trip is $3200 per person during. To guarantee your reservation, you can pay your deposit by clicking here. A 40% deposit is due at the time of booking. Final payment is due no later than 45 days prior to departure. Payments must be made by credit card.


  • Group Photographer

  • 20 Edited images a day of the group + an additional batch of images 3 weeks after the trip ends (for trips with a photographer)

  • Domestic flight between Cartagena and Medellín

  • Hotel stays

  • Transportation to and from the airport

  • Most meals except where noted

  • Activities as mentioned above

  • Tips for drivers and activity hosts

Not Included

  • Airfare in and out of the country

  • Mandatory Travel Insurance

  • Incidental Expenses

  • Alcohol except where noted

  • Tips for photographer and local host