You can find all our Booking Terms and Conditions here.


Why are we different?

We know you have a ton of options to choose from and we are excited that you are considering El Camino to help you plan a damn good travel experience.  Please read our PHILOSOPHY page to get a better understanding of why we started El Camino and the type of individuals we tend to attract. 


What is the $200 travel credit about? 

As mentioned in our PHILOSOPHY page, we are pretty confident that we are organizing unique group trips and authentic travel experiences with a creative vibe and eye for detail that you really can't find with any other tour company at our price point. If you do find a comparable travel experience, please send us an email with an explanation and a link and we will give you a $200 credit to apply towards the relevant trip. 


What is your deposit, cancellation, and refund policy for your group trips? 

A 40% deposit is needed to confirm the booking on your group trip, this is non-refundable. Full payment for the trip (the remaining balance) is due 45 days before departure. We are a small (very small) business, and in order to provide you the quality of experiences and travel that are the reason we started this company, we have to be strict with this policy.

If you cancel your trip we will be very sad, but understand that these things happen. We will not be able to return your deposit. We will not be able to return the final payment if you cancel within 45 days of the trip. This is why we recommend taking out an all inclusive travel insurance so you are protected in case of anything. 


What's included? 

Please visit individual trip pages to get details of what is covered. Each trip included airport transportation (to and from), El Camino guides, photographer, curated experiences, and local transportation for experiences listed in the individual itineraries.


What's not included? 

We do not cover international airfare, alcohol, incidental expenses, travel insurance, and fees into and out of the country. 


What is the deal with travel insurance? 

El Camino requires all travelers to have proof of travel insurance before departure. You are responsible for acquiring your travel insurance. 

It is mandatory that all attendees obtain travel insurance with a minimum coverage of $200,000 USD while traveling with El Camino. Travel insurance must cover personal injury, medical expenses, loss of or damage to luggage, repatriation expenses, and evacuation expenses.

There are many vendors to choose from, such as World Nomads. Often times you can also get it while booking your flight online. You can use any travel company, but it is absolutely required for any of our trips. Failure to provided proof of insurance will lead to cancellation of your spot on the trip. 



You are responsible for obtaining a visa if needed and covering any visa fees. We will let you know if a visa is required for your destination. 

You will also be responsible for covering any entrance or exit fees. We will let you know if this is required. 


Will I have time to myself?

Yes! We keep the schedule flexible enough so you can chill and you can do you. Nothing is mandatory, but a lot will be included in the overall trip prices. 


Further questions?


We will provide more details in our welcome packet, that you will receive way in advance of departure.
This packet will include emergency contact information, hotel information, information on local currency, recommendations for packing, and other travel tips. 

If you have further questions please email us at